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Kelly Canon, 62, Arlington, TX, GOP activist, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to all kinds of stories (I'll choose this Texas A&M aggie announcement) Kelly died from COVID on January 11. 2021. Apparently, Kelly was a well known "grassroots" GOP activist. She did run for some kind of office in 2016, but was defeated. Anyway, she's a perfect example of a GOP anti-vaxxer who chose her anti-vaxxerism based on political ideals rather than health issues, just like every single dead person on this site. For some reason the Texas people seem to piss me off more than the others, I think it's because of how happily air-headed they are but so supremely confident that they are right. Oh well...let's see what she has to contribute to the landfill of anti-vaxxerism.

Sigh. Another anti-vaxxer spreading the same bullshit as everyone else....

Ok, let's do the same comparison on say, any science. Take space travel: 200,000 years of Homo sapiens' existence. In all that time, no space travel, and then -- boom, in 1969, we're walking on the moon. (I'm so sick of these dumbasses.)

I wish she'd provided a link that shows scientists predicted the world would end by 2016. These people make up what people say and then argue against that. Literally, the only arguments these anti-science people have are straw man arguments.

She LOVES to tell people to "eff" off....

Yet another thing anti-vaxxers fail to understand: it's not the lack of staff that's the issue, it's the lack of beds and equipment. I don't like this lady at all .

See? She uses "Eff" twice in the same sentence....

On this post I agree with her. The only way to end this is for these stupid people to not comply and die...

Why run TV commercials for a FREE vaccine that literally everyone in the entire world knows about?

LOL. I find this hilarious given that we already know the end game...

Good. I'm glad she went this direction...

She's so excited...

She spreads false information, of course...

Good news: her employer has granted her the right to get sick and drown in her own fluids...Praise GOD!

She loves this list of grifters. She attended this event...

She really loves Leigh Dundas, the anti-vaxx cheerleading attorney bitch...

Where have I heard Leigh Dundas' name before? Oh that's right, she's an American traitor:

Literally the first thing that comes up is: "During the COVID-19 pandemic, McCullough promoted misinformation about COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine, and COVID-19 treatments."

She livestreamed the grifters at the COVID-19 symposium:

Did I mention she loves this traitor?

Any list with Ardis and McCullough is bunk:

Anti-vaxxers LOVE these FDA advisory committee meetings because time is allowed for public input where they can say whatever they want. Then they point to these and say, "See? The FDA agrees with us!"

Now, I'm not certain, but I *think* this might be Kelly. You be the judge:

Anyway, Kelly died from COVID:

RIP Kelly.

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Kelly, can you still smell and taste that beer while the worms finish dining or does satan allow drinking in hell?


Feb 22, 2022


James Reynolds
James Reynolds
Feb 06, 2022

Weird--she looks a bit like a hedgehog, and she loves Leigh Dundas, who is obviously part horse.


She also made headlines in 2017 for going public about sexually explicit photos allegedly sent to her by then-GOP Rep. Joe Barton, a scandal which ultimately ended in Barton stepping down.

Canon stood up against a predator politician and got his ass thrown out.

Where's the logic ?

A real shame.


Consoling to know these idiots won't be around for anymore election days. Yippee, Kelly has effed-off for good

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