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Kelly Ernby, 46, Huntington Beach, CA, Orange Co Deputy DA, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to this story Kelly died from COVID on January 3rd, 2022. Kelly Emby was a Republican who was an Orange County Deputy District Attorney who ran a failed campaign for California State Assembly. She was very much against mandates, which to me means anti-vaxxer. (I've yet to see a VOCAL anti-mandate person who is FOR the COVID vaccines.) Plus, her husband verified that she wasn't vaccinated. Another bull-headed conservative who made the wrong choice.

Does Kelly deserve a spot on SAV? Again, you be the judge. I'm leaning towards yes.

She thought Florida was doing a good job handling COVID. We know how that turned out once vaccinations started. California ended with a much lower percentage of deaths.

Oh person died from the vaccine? Was it due to the vaccine or simply "after"? Anti-vaxxers don't look deeply into these things.

Of course, the FDA lifted this pause just 10 days later, after a review, but she didn't post that.

Oh crap, she links to that anti-vaxx fraud "Doctor" Peter McCullough:

And she digs deeper in support of McCullough:

I wonder if she thought about this statement after she was intubated because of COVID? Did it feel like the flu?

In hindsight it seems like she was a little premature in pushing for this:

She appeared to like this:

Well, she got COVID and died from it.

RIP Kelly.

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