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Kelly Leggett, 61, Cashmere, WA, Sold Homemade XMAS Decorations, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Kelly died on November 8, 2021 of something. We know she died from COVID. Same old story. Posted Anti-vaxx propaganda, got COVID, got really sick and died. Her family, obviously ashamed, scrubbed her Facebook page. But I'd captured it a long time ago.

Here's the kind of thing she was posting:

The final variant for her was Delta:

Should've worried about Delta...Alpha and Omega strains didn't help you:

Hmmmm...she STILL needs prayers. Wonder why?

Oh that's why....

Wow! She was right about only having two more days in the hospital!

Uh oh...

Apparently it didn't work?

She died that day (it was actually on the 8th):

RIP Kelly.

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