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Ken Palmer, 46, Becker, MN. Worked at Fed. Ammunition, anti-vaxxer, in ICU w/ COVID

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (12/16/21): Ken didn't make it. See Below:

Original Post (12/7/21):

According to social media posts (below), Ken is on a ventilator in the ICU. Hmmm. Another Minnesota guy, another anti-vaxxer suffering from COVID who didn't have to. You think it's the lack of vitamin D in the north that's the problem? Or is it the lack of vaccination? Anyway, I'll admit, Ken here did seem to approach his anti-vaxxness with a bit of humor.

Ken fits the definition of an anti-vaxxer, though I'd say he's in the middle of the SAV pack as far as extremism goes. Still, too young to die. Maybe he'll pull through.

Apparently, ATVs are a marker for immunity to COVID:

He admits he's not a masker....

Then he went quiet for a bit, but sometimes I think that COVID is like one of those cat parasites that effects the brain to change behavior, ensuring its own survival and spread. So many people I've covered seem to be most vehemently against vaccinations and mask wearing RIGHT BEFORE they get sick. Also, they love this actor!

And now he's gone from anti-masker to anti-vaxxer:

I don't get it, but whatever...

This actor again. They love this guy.

Anti-vaxxers LOVE to conflate ballots and COVID:

The old staple meme, right before he got sick:

Then he got COVID and has been in the ICU for a while:

Then a few days ago, it wasn't looking good for Ken at all:

But prayers brought him through...

Come on, Ken, get better.


UPDATE (12/16/21): Ken passed away.

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