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Kenneth Happel, 72, Las Vegas, Entrepreneur, anti-vaxx, hospitalized with COVID.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

According to his Facebook account, Kenneth is in the hospital with COVID. Both he and his wife got COVID over the holidays. His wife died from COVID on January 25, 2022. Here is an article from The Daily Beast that includes Kenneth. Apparently, he was involved in promoting Oleandrin, an extract of Oleander as a treatment for COVID, for Phoenix Biotechnologies, a company partly owned by Mike Lindell who also promoted Oleandrin for COVID. In fact, Ben Carson said he took it while he had COVID and immediately felt better. The FDA rejected an application for Oleandrin as a treatment for COVID. Besides this mention in The Daily Beast recently, Kenneth is a staunch anti-vaxxer, and it seems he remained so even as his wife was dying and his own condition was deteriorating.

Let's see what Kenneth thinks about COVID and vaccines...

He's all in on Hydroxychloroquine. (By now it seems like faith based medicine):

This is a silly take. Viruses replicate and multiply so the amount of spike protein would be much different than a vaccine shot.

By the way, the article he is referring to is from a quack journal, International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research, whose editor-in-chief has a Ph.D. in linguistics, not virology:

Promoting a video by the McCullough quack:

More about McCullough...

Effective treatments? Did they work on you and your wife, Kenneth?

Post from Bitchute as peer reviewed science?

Now he's making stuff up:

Well, you're taking up a bed that you shouldn't be, Kenneth:

Well, if you'd done your research you'd know it's because the monoclonal antibodies don't work against Omicron:

His wife Lynne is hospitalized. He says he's had MRSA (In which case they really should have gotten vaccinated!)

Yep, they have COVID:

And still anti-vaxx:

He thinks these fake treatments work:

I'd like one of our SAV doctors to comment on his claim to Paula. He says they couldn't get vaccinated. Somehow I doubt his tale:

More anti-vaxx stuff:

His wife Lynne is in bad shape:

Really bad shape:

Getting worse:

She died:

I bet. Your home care worker is still alive though, right?

How it's going...

RIP Lynne.

Get better Kenneth and re-think your position on vaccines.

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