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Kenneth and Lynne Happel, Las Vegas, NV. Lynn Dead of Covid, Kenneth, antivax w/long haul Covid

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

According to social media posts from Kenneth Happel, his wife, Lynn Happel, died of Covid on January 24, 2022 at the age of 79. Kenneth was also hospitalized but he survived and now has long haul Covid.

EDIT: WHOOPS!! I didn't realize that Vaxman had posted about them before! Party foul for Vaxxylady! I swear I thought I’d searched first. Sorry it's a repeat, that's my mistake. At least you can enjoy a few more screenshots from his page and my own commentary.

It's another long one so jump to the comments, but make sure you take a scroll through here sometime!

Not much is left on Lynn's Facebook page. However, Kenneth posts enough for the both of them. He's a "researcher," an activist, a patriot, and owned by Christ.

Through his posts, I'll show that he and his wife have earned their spot at SAV for his anti-vax status and numerous postings of misinformation, among other things. Let's dig in, shall we?

He is VERY vocal against the Covid-19 vaccine and shares a lot of misinformation. He repeatedly posts that the vaccine is dangerous.

He advocates for the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Invermectin. He even made his own documentary about a "new drug that has a remarkable history of killing really nasty viruses including Covid-19." However, the video link didn't work so I can't tell you what this new drug might be.

He shared posts about Dr. Li Meng Yan's claims that Covid was made in a lab and purposefully released. Her credibility has been challenged many times because she's made false claims. This kind of irresponsible "news" sparked a streak of hate crimes against Asians blaming them for Covid and calling Covid-19 names like The China Virus, The Red Flu, and Wuhan Flu. This one makes me REALLY rage because one of my Asian friends (Vietnamese, not Chinese) was violently attacked at a grocery store and blamed for Covid.

Just in case you're still wondering where he stands politically:

Whoa! This is downright scary. He ought a repeater shotgun that's "big enough to stop things we might need to stop." Note the date, December 3, 2020.

Just over a month later the Insurrection happened. Look what Lynne shared to Kenneth's FB page on December 30th. Is that what he and Lynne needed the repeater shotgun for? Oh wait, he says that January 6th was all done by ANTIFA. And had it not been for the Insurrection, Officer Sicknick would still be alive. Ridiculous.

Funny that he thinks Biden is making us live in an Orwellian society. Aren't the Republicans the ones banning books, trying to install cameras in classrooms to stop "teacher's sinister agendas," and attempting to cancel companies and media that don't align with Christian values?

Okay, that's enough of that...

Uh oh. They've been sick for two months and want God to protect them. Guess what would have protected them? THE COVID VACCINE!

His wife Lynne is positive for Covid and he "probably" has it, too.

Two days later he's at the hospital and definitely has Covid. He checks himself out and hides in a corner trying to get a taxi. Does he not care that he's Covid positive and wants to get in a car with an innocent taxi driver? That doesn't sound very Christian-like to me!

Hey Kenneth, remember when you complained that Biden warned the hospitals were overcrowded (your reminder is below)? What do you think happened to you when you were at Sunset? It was overrun with unvaccinated Covid patients like yourself! You should have listened to Biden, buddy.

Lynne isn't doing well and he's in the hospital on Remdesivir.

Not a good day for Lynne. The nurse is not optimistic.

The next day Lynne succumbs to Covid. Kenneth says he's happy she didn't suffer. WHAT THE HELL?? She was sick for two months then went to the hospital and died after 9 days. I'm sure it wasn't a vacation for her!

He doesn't appreciate the poem that was written for him.

Hospital selfies and updates. He thanks people for praying for him and he thanks God. He FORGOT to thank the nurses and doctors who actually saved him!

He's going home from the hospital and praises God. Again, nothing for the nurses and doctors.

He says he has long Covid but didn't murder his wife. He adds that people should find science even if they don't have a heart.

ANDDDDDD...he's back to posting and spreading misinformation.

We're supposed to believe that the Democrats are starving the infants of the US? No proof anywhere. And check out his friend Linda's comment. Wow. She sounds murderous.

The Daily Beast and cancel culture websites think he should be cancelled?

He doesn't like what MSN had to say about him. (Click below to read the article.)

Funny that his friend Barry says "journalism is dead and going to be replaced by weaponized opinion." That made me chuckle.

I'll stop here. You've seen enough. Do you think Kenneth will change his tune and start advocating for the life-saving Covid-19 vaccine? We'll see!

Good luck with the long haul Covid, Kenneth. Get well soon!

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Now there is half a Happels

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What a total shitshow they have made of their lives! I have honestly never heard of two bigger fuckups. And the people that give them money are no brighter than these two morons. Wtf?!?

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