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Kevin O'Neal, 61, Apple Valley, CA. Drummer. Anti-vaxx. Died of COVID but first pushed "the shot"

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It was too late. According to this obituary, Kevin died on August 24, 2021. Kevin was just enough of an anti-vaxxer to not get vaccinated. He wasn't much of a "pusher". However, after he was hospitalized he had regrets and changed his mind, but it was too late to save him. It's not too late for you!

So, why didn't Kevin just get vaccinated? Kevin only hinted at his anti-vaxxer" status. He certainly thought the hype was political:

And he thought masks were silly (although this is a strong point about the lack of helmet):

I'm not posting Kevin here because he was an egregious anti-vaxxer pushing posts and opinions on social media to influence others to avoid getting vaccinated. No, I'm posting Kevin here because he left a gift. He left a heartfelt message for others. Besides this video being absolutely heartbreaking, Kevin pushes getting "the shot" twice in video - first at 2:55, and again at 6;10:

This brings tears.

Thank you for this message, Kevin.

RIP Kevin.

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