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Kimberley Stefanski, 44, Kelowna, BC, Cryptopreneur, Anti-vaxxer, Long Term Covid

We're all used to the anti-vaxxer who hits all of the Bingo card boxes. I thought I'd give you a little something different before I head out on vacation. No goatee. Educated. Pretty. Not overly religious.

Let me introduce you to 44 year old Kimberley Stefanski of Kelowna, British Columbia. Her Facebook feed is filled with #BossBabe inspirational type messages and seems to give advice on cryptocurrencies. She has a following of almost 8k.

There is no schadenfreude in this story…well, maybe a tiny bit. Read the story first and then jump to comments here.

I don't know if she's involved in some sort of MLM or what her crypto business actually provides.

She shares a ton of inspirational posts. It's a nice change from the angry, political and racist posts that we're used to from anti-vaxxers.

She also shares a ton of selfies.

She starts to stray, ever so slightly. Inspirational mixed with a tad bit of COVID.

It’s subtle, but it’s there.

She is really good with subtle hints.

She has had a major brush with death before. You can read more about the crash here. Thanks to our HCAz spies who discovered the case was dismissed without prejudice so no money was paid out.

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked. Let's get back to her COVID story.

In early August, she shares this not-so-subtle post.

And 10 days later.....

Her friend then shares this. 🤔

Kimberley makes it off the ventilator. And it looks like she is going to be ok. No cat bounce here. 🥳

Her COVID experience now tops the plane crash.

We now get all of the DEETS. 22 days with COVID, 13 of them spent hospitalized. And then she wrote that last sentence. 😒 😒

There's always that one friend. 🤦‍♀️

It's a very lonely experience.

Sympathy 📷.

Ahhhh. She hasn't shaved her legs in 30 whole days.

And she is finally going home.

A small refreshing change from the norm. Appreciation for all the healthcare workers!

She's reminiscing about healthier days.

And here we go with the DOUBLING down.

Comments on the above post. UGH!

This post always annoys the shit out of me.

As our HCAz reader said, "ECHO CHAMBER".

Some reflection...but still no vaccination redemption.

She's a lucky one. This is nothing compared to what most of those who are featured on SAV/HCAz go through.

And she's getting healthier. No cat bounce.

Kimberely really needs to read SAV to see how lucky she is.

We were really hoping at one stage in her COVID journey that she'd push for the vaccine. She never did. All I can say is good luck on your second round. It’s bound to happen.

P.S. Is that a filter or make-up for the 💰 📷 below?

Lastly, Kimberely is fortunate that Canada has universal, public-funded healthcare. She won't go bankrupt or leave a huge bill behind from a hospital stay like that. Our American anti-vaxxers, not so much.

Don't be a Kimberely. Why go through something that is scarier than a plane crash? Get vaccinated. Get your booster. Get your kids vaccinated.

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Mike in Canada
Mike in Canada
Apr 21, 2022

Tough to know what a real photo is anymore these days but at least the most photogenic?? on here, a plus 1 for 🇨🇦 at least. Yes all the science enhancements do seem very hypocritical for the AV side, but save for another forum. Some smarts. Survived a plane crash. Prob has communication skills to take her to great heights but yet can't see the simple risk scale - vax , no vax. And for women especially, the hair risk? The multi billion dollar hair industry for women? I have 100% confidence that if covid did a number on mens junk to a hefty % the vax lines would have been around the block for weeks. Her FB is gettin…


ATTN: All women

Knock off this "boss lady" bullshit, you are white, you are privileged as fuck, you have barely worked a day to earn anything in your life. Talk to an immigrant if you think you have it rough.

Unknown member
Jul 28, 2022
Replying to

We're all born naked and crying.What happens to you in life is YOUR CHOICE,not the white man's,not the bullfrogs,not the doorknob's.Take your white priveledge bullshit and ram it up your ass sideways.


Apr 14, 2022

she's a pretty lady, her karma was losing her hair which means covid attacked her vanity.


Unknown member
Apr 07, 2022

Where can I sign up for that passive income thing she's promoting. Over 300% return, couldn't possibly be a scam!

Replying to

300%? Sounds legit!


Vax Power
Vax Power
Apr 07, 2022

What a synthetic moron. How can anyone think those eyelashes and lips look like anything other than a clown college advertisement? She played stupid games and won stupid prizes.


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