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Leslie Lawrenson, 58, vehemently against vaccinations for COVID-19, has died of COVID-19

Updated: May 23

According to this story, Leslie Lawerenson of Bournemouth, Dorset, UK, wrote just 9 days before he died that coronavirus was “nothing to be afraid of.”

In a post from 24 June, he said: ‘The idea that we have to be afraid of this bogeyman, this Covid, that somehow it is some monster – we have got to get over this… the government is taking advantage of the fear and there is absolutely in my view no reason to lock down.’

He went on to say that the "potential dangers from taking the experimental jab" were "not worth that risk" and that "I would rather take my chances with my immune system."

His longtime partner says, "he made a terrible mistake."

Let's hear from Leslie himself and his family's reaction:

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