Lisa Sowards, 56, Hickory, NC. Anti-vaxxer. Her, her mother, and daughter all got COVID. She died.

According to this obituary Lisa died on August 10. Her her mother and her daughter all got infected. Her mother and daughter recovered (at least have gone home), but she succumbed to the infection and died of pneumonia. Follow along the timeline with me below.

Lisa was really into "using her own immune system", yet bought into the debunked treatments of Ivermectin and Hydroxycholorquine. If you trust your own immune system then why....nevermind.

Let's see what she was posting up to her death:

^^^ it's just like "Chickpox". What's that?

Oh, the vaccine is Bill Gates way of depopulating (Apple users?):

Oh and the Dr. Fauci thing (these people love emails they will never read on their own):

Vaccine bad:

She gets sick on the July 11th:

She's full-on feeling it on the 12th:

On the 12th she's also looking for homemade recipe's of ....uh... Hydroxycholorchine? What's that?

She sick and she still takes time to show how pissed she is at Dr. Fauci for recommending Vaccines:

And she doesn't want anyone knocking on her door with those vaccines (I got news for her, it's too damn late anyway!):

She posts a video of a nutcase calling out Vaccines as part of some kind of battle for the soul:

And things are going downhill fast. She ends up at urgent care and her mother and daughter are sick with COVID now:

And now here are her actual thoughts. Warning: This is ridiculous. She questions her doctors diagnosis (everything COVID these days), and she blames the doctor for not seeing her because SHE wouldn't allow a COVID test.

July 19 she's going into ICU:

And by the 10th of August, there was little hope. "They said: yes, that's the only way sh is walking out of here is by a miracle":

And we know how this ends:


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