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Lisa Sowards, 56, Hickory, NC. Anti-vaxxer. She, her mother and daughter, all got COVID. She died.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this obituary, Lisa died on August 10. She and her mother and daughter all got infected. Her mother and daughter recovered (at least have gone home), but she succumbed to the infection and died of pneumonia. Follow along the timeline with me, below.

Lisa was really into "using her own immune system", yet bought into the debunked treatments of Ivermectin and Hydroxycholorquine. If you trust your own immune system then why....never mind.

Let's see what she was posting up to her death:

^^^ It's just like "Chickpox". What's that?

Oh, the vaccine is Bill Gates' way of depopulating (Apple users?):

Oh and the Dr. Fauci thing (these people love emails they will never read on their own):

Vaccine bad:

She gets sick on July 11th:

She's full-on feeling it on the 12th:

On the 12th she's also looking for homemade recipes of....uh...Hydroxychlorochine? What's that?

She's sick and she still takes time to show how pissed she is at Dr. Fauci for recommending vaccines:

And she doesn't want anyone knocking on her door with those vaccines! (I've got news for her, it's too damn late anyway!):

She posts a video of a nutcase calling out vaccines as part of some kind of battle for the soul:

And things are going downhill fast. She ends up at urgent care and her mother and daughter are sick with COVID now:

And now here are her actual thoughts. Warning: this is ridiculous. She questions her doctors' diagnosis (everything is COVID these days), and she blames the doctor for not seeing her because SHE wouldn't allow a COVID test.

July 19 she's going into ICU:

And by the 10th of August there was little hope. "They said: yes, that's the only way she is walking out of here is by a miracle."

And we know how this ends:


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I see stupid people
I see stupid people
23 ene 2022

But, but, but they had Bible study every single night. How could a nano sized particle slip through that web of protection? I think if we've learned anything through this it is that while religion may give comfort to people in times of stress, it is really bad at fighting the effects of a nasty viral infection. With apologies to Luke, render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto doctors the things that are doctor's.

Me gusta

It's these people that enrage me and make me happy they are worm food. Absolutely insane, this world is far better off without her and her poison (these views are the REAL poison here). God and his boy Baby Jeebus are busy these days... fuck them all. Have fun picking up the pieces, family... Ugh.

Me gusta

Mr. Bog
Mr. Bog
17 ene 2022

RE vitamins "I regret stopping everything now." but not a word of regret over not taking the vaccine. Just like more than 90% of them, they never back off their stance even when looking death in the eye. Not even their family members connect the dots, that's how successful they were at influencing those in their environment.

I get why people don't trust authority, but common sense seems to evade a lot of people as well.

Me gusta

24 sept 2021

“I can’t think of a better atmosphere to watch a miracle be BREATHED FORTH.“ Very poor choice of words, Amanda! 🫁

Me gusta

24 sept 2021

Who knew that all that we needed to end the pandemic was water, lemon and grapefruit peels, and honey? 🍋🍯 I feel sooo manipulated by the mainstream media! 🤣

Me gusta
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