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Lisa Wise, 58, Burnham, PA, Registered Nurse, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

According to this obituary Lisa died on December 20, 2021. Her Facebook page has been scrubbed but a kind SAV member sent me some screenshots that show her attitude towards vaccinations and mandates. Not only was she anti-vaxx but her family members blame the hospital and claim the doctors didn't even try to save her. Also, her husband, Noah Wise, sits on the Mifflin County School Board and voted against the mask mandates recommended for schools by the CDC in late August 2021.

She got one thing right: it's definitely coming.

We tried, Lisa.

Choose death over fear?

Should the vaccinated take care of the unvaccinated, though?

Fear? It's called precaution, not fear.

Perhaps the truest statement ever made by an anti-vaxxer on SAV:

Of course...

Her brother thinks the hospital is refusing treatment. The only place that will treat her is in Florida? I'm assuming he means with Ivermectin?

It sounds to me like they are treating her:

This is a bold accusation:

Her son gets in on the act. He wants justice. I'm guessing he tried to tell the doctors how to do their jobs.


RIP Lisa.

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