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Lora Reinbold, 57, Eagle River, AK, GOP State Senator, anti-vaxxer, tests positive for COVID

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to tons of stories, Lora has COVID, but I'll share this one. It says "GOP" next to her title, above, but she's been kicked out of the Republican caucus. She's a known anti-masker and anti-vaxxer who gained tons of attention when she refused to abide by the Alaska Airlines mask mandate and got banned from Alaska Airlines. You can see the footage of the altercation linked here. She claims to have COVID and is at home taking horse paste, or rather, Ivermectin. I've become quite wary of these extreme Ivermectin pushing anti-vaxxers who just go ahead and announce to the world that they have COVID. People like Joe Rogan, Laura Loomer, and Ben Garrison, come to mind, and those were clearly stunts (the latter two launched their new books during their "sickness"). BUT, Lora is now the most submitted anti-vaxxer to the site to date, and I'm a people pleaser so here we are.

So, everyone knows she's an anti-masker, but is she an anti-vaxxer, too?

Let's start with this, because it seems to have all of the arguments anti-vaxxers use wrapped up into one post.

We knew she'd be against mandates:


What the hell is that a picture of? BTW, this flight surgeon at Ft. Rucker in Alabama isn't grounding anything, she's simply filed an affidavit making these claims for the Army to review because SHE'S an anti-vaxxer.

She thinks making flight attendants get vaccinated is "tyranny"

Lora, at 57, you haven't been fertile for over a decade.

This Yeadon fellow is a pain in the rear. He's never researched vaccines by the way.

Of course, she loves Ivermectin...

And if you get COVID all you need is breathing exercises!

There's much more on her Facebook page and it seems like every post is about this topic.

Here is her announcement. Color me suspicious...

So, she PROMISES to stay OUT of the hospital. We'll see.

Lora is on the sorryantivaxxer watch list. We'll keep an eye on it for you.

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Unknown member
Jan 08, 2022

Ahhh...she never had it to begin with. This is just an act to make her look invincible in the eyes of her slavish worshippers. But again just be patient. It's only a matter of time that living the way they do will lead to infection somewhere along the line. Unless of course she IS vaccinated and isn't saying anything. Trump got the vaccine and only admitted it when he could deny it no longer.


Dec 17, 2021

Well, she seems to have recovered and hasn't learned a thing. She's back to her old self again.

I never believed she had Covid anyway. Said she "declared victory" over Covid after 3 days. Probably a simple cold that she treated herself with Ivermectin so she can claim victory and sell her new book about how she 'cured' herself.

She does look like she's been through hell though.

We are so fucked living with these stupid morons.

C'mon Delta/Omicron - There's more work to be done.


Jose Eguizabal
Jose Eguizabal
Dec 04, 2021

Well, maybe she can get a redux of Covid if the horse dewormer "works" for her, and she can be in the running for the coveted Herman Caine Award. Then again, if it hit her real hard, and she DID have to be intubated, maybe, just maybe, she could be like some of the folks you have covered who have thought twice, and changed their views on how fucked up having Covid really is.


Nov 28, 2021

Lora is a few happy thoughts short of a sweet dream.


Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen
Nov 26, 2021

I see this nut is still at it:

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