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Lorine Carol Kaylor, 48, Huntington, WV. Cashier at McDonalds. Unvaxxed, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

UPDATE (10/12/21 5am): Added to the bottom of the story.

According to this obituary Lori died on October 6 from COVID. She leaves behind Harold A. Kaylor, her loving husband. This is the hardest post I've had to make on Sorryantivaxxer. It's not clear that Lori and Harold were anti-vaxxers. Hell, I don't think they were "anti" anything. Lori, the breadwinner and leader of the household, stated only one time that she wasn't going to get vaccinated by posting one of the classic memes we've all seen by now and commenting on it. I just think their story needs be told - by them. These two people are barely literate, perhaps even somewhat mentally disabled, that's not clear. But going through their social media posts, I can confidently say there wasn't/isn't a dark or evil cell in either of them. This is tragic and shouldn't have happened. As I read through their posts, I just kept wondering if there wasn't somebody that could have helped them?

Since it's long, here is the LINK TO THE BOTTOM (to get to comments quickly)

This is going to be long, I'm sorry, but I think it's important to get a full picture of what these two love birds shared and just how sad this COVID death really is. After going through this, I'm in favor of total MANDATE on vaccinations for COVID in the United States.

A little warning, the things they post are very difficult to read but you can get the overall gist of what they are saying. Again, they are barely literate.

Let's start with Lori, or Lori C Kaylor as Harold always refers to her. Here is her statement saying she won't get the COVID vaccine. She seems to think the vaccine will give her COVID (what sucks is that she sees a doctor to get a lump in her breast looked at, I'd love to know if he tried to convince her to get the shot).

Most everything that follows is either an expression of love, pain, yearning, or loss...

She loves Harold, and Harold REALLY loves Lori C Kaylor (he always uses her full name). He expresses his love for her almost daily and he flirts A TON:

We'll get back to Harold soon enough. Back to Lori...

She continues her posts in different posts a bunch:

They don't much money to spare...

again, continuing the thought in another post:

So many lady's men are absolutely herrbul to them!

I think we know where she caught COVID...

A week later she starts getting symptoms...

She doesn't see a doctor for four more days and she thinks she has bronchitis.

They quarantine her but haven't got test back yet...

Her test comes back positive:

This was the last post she made before going on a ventilator:

Harold A Kaylor takes over her Facebook account (notice that he ALWAYS calls her Lori C Kaylor):

In the meantime over on Harold's Facebook...notice that every post is TO Lori C Kaylor (always was even when she wasn't sick):

At this point, she's in the hospital and he's still flirting with her:

He's having trouble dealing with some financial issues:

He finds a meme to express his feelings...

And ....his prayers are heartbreaking...

He likes to send her pictures of food, too...

Seems like Harold is the perfect husband, he loves sex but also...

Awwwwww....nice meme...

On Oct 4 I think he's saying she was better the day before but fell back again...

Ah, her football team is on...

There are many posts of his frustration that he can't see his wife. He also has a light case of COVID and can't even go to the hospital.


He wishes they'd gotten vaccinated.

I think he wants a ride to the hospital...

He posts his sadness and longing every day since her death, both on his Facebook and Lori's.

He's still posting

On Lori C Kaylor's Facebook, he posts their memories and favorite songs. Apparently they liked Alan Jackson and DMX.

I only posted a few of Harold's posts. By the way, there were days he posted over 50 messages to Lori. I hope I did him justice.

Is there a GoFundMe? Yes, one of Lori's friends set it up. They are asking for a measly $700.


UPDATE (10/10/21 11pm): I love you guys! Lori and Harold's gofundme was stuck at $735 as of today 10/10/21 @2pm (BTW, almost all of that was raised from the r/hermancainawards subreddit). Now at 11pm 10/10/21 it's at $9550.

UPDATE (10/11/21 2pm): Here was the note a friend of mine got from Joselynn, Lori's boss and a friend of Andrea, who is running the GoFundMe for Harold:

"Hello yes I know Andrea. I was great friends with Lori before she past I have been her manager at work for many years. She was also friends with Andrea. Lori’s husband Harold didn’t have the rest of the money for cremation or for the bills. Lori was not only his wife but his care taker. Andrea and her s/o Teresa (who was also one of Lori’s managers) have gotten a hold of Harolds landlord to pay up rent and pay their bills that got behind while she was in the hospital. As well as finish paying off her cremation. I spoke to them earlier they have gotten it all taken care of with Harolds approval. Please let everyone know from your group thank you for donating! This would make Lori so happy."

UPDATE (10/12/21 5am): Andrea, the one who started the GoFundMe for Lori and Harold, finished the gofundme with $12,851. She's under the impression that she has to close the round in order to collect the money. She has to pay for Harold's back rent, electricity, internet, phone, and the cremation of Lori. The rest will be used to care for Harold. What will become of Harold? I wish him the best. Not sure what else I can do.

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I wonder if part of the poorly written posts were partly because they were typed on cellphones? I see that they had Internet for the home, but maybe they didn’t even have /couldn’t afford computers. The payday loans (another scam starts are trying to get under control) may have been not only for gas, but for the INernet service & cell phone service, if that was the only way they could communicate beyond their homes.


Gail Maulhern
Gail Maulhern
Apr 07, 2022

I thought I would scan this post because I thought it was the saddest one here. Harold has remarried within 6 months. Man I’ve been single for 8 years! go Harold. Glad he found someone.

Apr 22, 2022
Replying to

Yeah me too, thought I’d have a look and see how he was coping and lo and behold he’s remarried, unbelievable


I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 24, 2022

This is the reason vaccination is not just a personal decision. This is the reason FB and OAN and Faux News are evil, and in fact culpable in deaths like Lori. Someone born without a bullshit detector has no chance against the slick production of all the lying memes. What I don't get is what Carlson or Hannity or Owens have to gain from this? Are they participating in this slaughter of innocents just to fuck with Biden? They've all been vaccinated, so it can't be something they actually believe in. If they would have taken a stand and not been vaccinated that would be one thing, but not a single one took the chance to take a stand a…


Anyone have an update on Harold is doing?

Apr 22, 2022
Replying to

Believe it or not he’s remarried


This one story is STILL the most tragic and sad.

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