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Latest Update: Luis Ewing, 59, Tacoma, WA, "pro se litigator", in ICU w/ COVID. "Against his will"

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

UPDATE 10/12/21: We have an update on Luis Ewing. Click here to jump to it.

UPDATE 10/3/21: Luckily for Luis his family stopped his crazy friends from breaking him out of the hospital tat was "medically kidnapping" him. He seems to be pulling through (see below).

UPDATE 9/28/21: Luis' family have taken over his hospitalization and they are keeping the activists who are trying to save Luis from his "Medical Kidnapping" at bay. See the bottom of the page.

UPDATE 9/20/21: We've got a video update from one of Luis's freedom warrior friends where he's interviewed the crazy nurse trying to push her agenda onto the hospital staff. See below:


According to the telegram post posted below, Luis Ewing, a self-appointed vaccine mandate legal warrior, is in the ICU with covid "against his will."

This guy is a piece of work. Apparently he used to be a lawyer but "gave up" his State Bar License so he can pursue law without all the, well, laws. For some reason he keeps beating his chest that he is the sole person capable of ending all mask and vaccine mandates by using constitutional law. We'll get to the group heading down to the hospital to protest the holding of Luis after we examine Luis thoughts a bit:

First of all, he doesn't wear masks so at least his penis won't get any smaller:

This is the beginning of the longest rant I've ever seen on Facebook. It basically just states how awesome a lawyer he is, even though he's not licensed.

He's not tainted by the State Bar apparently:

Oh, did I mention he's the ONE MAN who can stop mandates:

That wasn't quite loud enough so he shouts:

Mr. Pro Se charging all 50 governors with crimes...

So NOW he gets COVID and is in Auburn Hospital in Tacoma, and a group of his supporters are rallying to protest because the hospital is "holding him against his will." This is a fake pandemic after all:

This should be an interesting one to watch. We'll be sure to update this as it develops.


UPDATE 9/28/21:



UPDATE 10/3/21:

UPDATE (10/12/21): Some people just...I mean...what the hell...they can't be convinced by anything:

WTF Luis?

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Konrad Heumann
Konrad Heumann
Apr 05, 2022

I guess thousands and thousands of doctors and virologists are just conspiring to call what put this guy in the hospital and nearly killed him a virus.

It's always, always, always comes down to an impossibly massive conspiracy with these people. Always.


Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks
Feb 18, 2022

By the way, do any of these maniacs have jobs? it seems to me that their main problem is too much time on their hands.


Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks
Feb 18, 2022

It's clear to me that Luis is mentally ill, and has some crazy friends who also happen to be super aggressive, grandiose, and lost in kooky conspiracy theories. I don't care what they do, it doesn't bother me until they start preventing others from doing their job and living their lives.


This guy runs his mouth time and again about how he has “100% figured out“ how to stop the mask mandates. I’ve asked him to show everyone how he has done it, he still hasn’t. From what I have been seeing on his fb posts, he sounds like he’s a sovereign citizen pseudolawyer


Nov 28, 2021

Luis is a few penstrokes short of a binding agreement.

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