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Mark Friesen, 48, Saskatoon, Sask., CA, PPC candidate Sask riding, intubated with COVID.

UPDATE (6/12/23): Mark is right back at pushing disinformation about vaccines that would've kept him out of the hospital on death's doorstep. See Below

UPDATE (12/8/21): The good news is that Mark is recovering and could go home soon. The bad news is that Mark still sucks. He's still railing against mandates. See below

UPDATE(11/27/21): Mark is still in the hospital. Here is an update from Mark himself, who says his diagnosis was "necrotizing pneumonia". Click here to see the update.

UPDATE(11/18/21): Apparently, Mark is back in a hospital in Saskatoon, as he was transferred back from Toronto. We have another video update from Laura Lynn. Apparently, prayers have saved Mark up to this point. See below:

UPDATE (10/25/21): We have a video update on Mark, who is still on a ventilator. See Below

Original Post (10/13/21):

According to social media reports (below), Mark "Grizzly Patriot" Friesen is intubated with COVID at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Mark was a candidate for the People's Party of Canada who lost with only 5.8% of the vote (no PPC candidate has won any riding in Canada). The PPC is a fringe political party in Canada started by Maxime Bernier, formerly of the Conservative Party (think Tea Party in America). Their platform is far-right populism (even though they deny it). Mark has been one of the most outspoken critics of anything related to solving the pandemic including masks, lockdowns, vaccines, mandates, and vaccine passports. Mark recently mounted a failed lawsuit against the Saskatchewan government to stop the mandatory vaccination policy.

There are a lot of public anti-vaxxer statements from Mark to choose from, as it's obvious that he wants to be the anti-vaccine champion of Canada. You can find statements yourself by just Googling his name. However, I'll try to present enough for you to get the picture and save you some time.

By the way, these are all within the past month:

He posts a video with false statements "by very very reliable sources". Like, it is obvious that this guy is making stuff up.

And what's the appropriate response to this drivel?

Answer: but you do need a hospital bed. Fuck your freedom.

This is the person supposedly injured from the vax...

Oh...let's hear it in his own voice....

He posts false information:

This post has the nerve to ask: "How much ICU space is taken up by vaccine injuries?"

The following is extremely contrived. The notion that Sean Taylor (a PPC member and candidate for something) left nursing because of this appears to be lie. He left for a political career.

Ah, the Grand COVID conspiracy...completely insane.

Killing people with their mRNA. Does he even know what mRNA is and what it does?

I guess they watch Tucker Carlson in Saskatoon too, eh?

Wonder when we'll be seeing Kid Rock on sorryantivaxxer?

Here he goes! Suing Saskatchewan for vax policy...

He lost, of course.

By the way, here is a twitter thread where a woman told a story of her brother-in-law becoming an anti-vaxxer, and Mark weighs in, ripping her with a 79 minute rant. I highly recommended reading her reaction to that, and even watching Mark's angry video:

So what's going on with Mark these days?

This broke on Oct 6 (and is referenced in the Twitter thread, above):

And then we get more confirmation from the family today (10/12/21) because, you know, he needs prayers:

Word is that he's intubated and in critical condition.

Get better Grizzly Patriot! Become the Vaxx Ox! (If you come up with a better alter-ego name for Mark, please post it below).


UPDATE (10/25/21): We have a video update on Mark, who has been transferred from Saskatoon to Toronto and is still on a ventilator:

UPDATE (11/18/21): Update on Mark:

I'm personally looking forward to him coming out as a pro-vaxx advocate.

UPDATE (11/27/21): In the update below, Mark says his diagosis was "special". In actuality, necrotizing pneumonia is relatively common for people who end up on a ventilator for a long time (for instance, see this paper). From the paper linked: "In our experience, NP is a relatively common, albeit neglected, complication in mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients, possibly originating in poorly vascularized areas of lung parenchyma. Associated mortality is high".

This is from Mark:

According to the paper above, mortality is high even among people who end up at home after the hospital.

UPDATE (12/8/21): Here is a video of Mark trying to learn to walk again.

You'd think someone who went through all of this would change. Nope. He's right back at it:

And this is disgusting:

Yep. Mark still is a major anti-vaxxer.

UPDATE (6/12/23):

He's STILL ranting about the COVID vaccine: From his twitter feed from June 8:

LOL. Oh well.

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Apr 16

Major update. In December 2023 a judge found Friesen and dozens of others guilty for their illegal Covid protest and fined them $7500 each. 😂


Fucking Twat


Life is Good.
Life is Good.
Sep 27, 2023

Mark is one Major Moron who NEEDS and DESERVES to get Covid again and guess what, Mark, your chances are good cause a new strain of Covid is coming around again now in Sept. 2023. That'll shut you up for a while!


Mark is so thankful to god for his recovery, I will bet we are going to see "Pastor" Mark Friesen" sometime soon being he can no longer trim trees or do any of the number of weird jobs he had. He found the grift of crooked politics; wait 'til he finds the grift of religion!

Hey Mark, why are there no pictures of your poor wife, Jannecke Nielsen Friesen, yet lots of pictures of you traveling with and with your arm around the religious nutter with 2 first names?

Replying to

And WTAF, his GFM is still up. Did they forget about it?

Mark spent last summer traveling Eastern Canada to make speeches to other hapless Canadians. He is trying to do the same out west and even made it onto the Canadian Patriots show! (I have no idea who that is, and will not add his video URL as he has enough subscribers to make a penny per view and he already has... 67 views...)

I reserved this for you, Mark, just in case...

Mark, the years have never been kind to you.


The uploads are working again, so adding this ...

Mark Friesen is looking for a new cause...and it is the dreaded ... bike lanes. Oh and the unaccountable foreign agenda attached to them... 🙄 Stay angry Mark! Those holes in your lungs may have healed, but the surrounding tissue is no longer functioning. How many times do you have to stop to catch your breath to get to your second floor office? How many spare tanks of O2 do you have to have handy "Just in case?"

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