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Melissa Hedge, 30, Pure Romance Sales, Molalla, OR, got some bad info, died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Can't we do something to help these people? Melissa wasn't a pusher of anti-vaxx views like other entries here, but like a lot of Anti-vaxxers, she was proud enough to make a profile frame to express her freedom to be dumb. According to social media posts (below), she died Sept 7, 2021.

She was proud to free to not do the right thing:

Like I said, she wasn't pushing her views on her Facebook profile. She mostly was using Facebook to arrange Pure Romance MLM parties. Apparently, she did quite well with this.

However, she did get concerned about her health, and was self-aware enough to know she might have a problem with COVID given her baseline health conditions, and so she turned to Facebook for some advice:

Facebook came to the rescue:

So the concerned Facebook citizen elaborated:

Wait, what?

Maybe it's just me, but I think she should've asked, I don't know, her DOCTOR? I don't think people should being taking medical advice from random yahoos on Facebook. Especially if their profile picture looks like this;

I think what this guy was referring to, in his own laymen terms, was the cytokine storm a COVID infection can trigger. But let's let an actual trained physician tell us how that works:

Anyway, simply doing nothing didn't work out.

And ultimately she didn't make it:

Get vaccinated!!!!! OMG! STOP DYING LIKE THIS!!

RIP Melissa.

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