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Michael and Kari Pitcher, 50, Melbourne, FL, Healthcare co. owner, Anti-vaxx and dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary and this obituary, Michael Pitcher and his wife Kari (Karina) Simonson-Pitcher both died of COVID, Michael on September 27 and Kari on September 10. They both worked in healthcare. Michael owned a primary care clinic and Karina was an Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner with a doctoral degree from the University of Florida. Michael leaves behind 2 children and 5 step children from three marriages, and Kari leaves behind her daughter.

EDIT: It has come to our attention through the now erased obituaries and some private correspondence that, as we suspected given his Facebook posts and lack of any from Kari, that all of the anti-vaxxer influence in their relationship came from Michael. We've been told that Kari was stuck in a bad and abusive relationship. Any and all ire that you feel or post should be directed at Michael and not Kari.

We don't have posts or evidence from Kari that she was anti-vaxx. However, Michael's posts remain:

They both became ill in mid-August:

So they both had long battles with the disease.

RIP Michael and Kari.

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