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Michael Lipko, 63, Petersburg, DE. Q-Anon supporter, anti-vaxxer. Dead from Covid.

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

According to his obituary, Michael Lipko died from Covid on December 26, 2021. At the beginning of his hospital stay he had his family to keep him company. After an early Thanksgiving celebration, four out of the five adult attendees contracted Covid. Three unvaccinated family members ended up in the hospital, including Michael, his son Kyle, and daughter-in-law Tia. Tia and Kyle recovered and got vaccinated. Michael never came home but they say that at the end he was sorry and wished he had gotten the vaccine.

This is a long post so click here to jump to the comments. You should at least give it a good scroll, trust me.

The first I learned about Michael was by reading an article from his family. The headline is: ”We remember our husband and dad after his Covid-19 death: Get vaccinated." I was a bit sympathetic at first, especially since the family is now vaccinated and encouraging Covid vaccines. I also have family members who believe what Michael believed, and that has divided us and strained relationships, possibly to the point of no return. However, any shred of sympathy evaporated when I saw his Facebook posts. I know they say he changed his tune at the end, but the lies, conspiracy theories, misinformation, and hate he spread were dangerous (and are still sitting on his page).

Get ready to dig in. There's a lot of content, so much that I gave up after I got to June of 2021. It was too much to try and keep straight, and I was getting angry. He posted the typical anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-mandate stuff we see on SAV, but he went the extra mile and posted some pretty crazy and awful things. Get ready for a wild ride. It's scary that people like this exist, or DID exist.

I'll begin by showing he's anti-vax and anti-mask and then get into the crazier stuff. Keep scrolling!

Michael must be really special to have defied the odds. Lucky him, right?

He didn't believe in masks.

He didn't trust vaccines or boosters and he's "Never been more fckn sure of anything!"

Covid is apparently fake, a cult, and planned by the government. Which one is it? If it's fake how could it be planned by the government?

Just call him 'No Mandate Michael!'

He shares videos of quack doctors. "Dr." Robert Young isn't a doctor and was sentenced to prison for practicing medicine without a license.

Dr. McCullough isn't much better, though he is a cardiologist. He is one of the doctors who supports Ivermectin for Covid patients. He was sued for illegitimately affiliating himself with two of his former employers by introducing himself to media using his former titles, such as "Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center." Dr. Jane Ruby is a "TV personality" who has doctoral degrees in Education and Psychology. I don't see how this qualifies her to be an expert on Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

He clearly doesn't understand how viruses spread or how vaccines work.

Fauci misinformation, Anti-Fauci, Anti-Bill Gates, pretty typical of the anti-vaxer.

"FUCK YOU I am an AMERICAN!" he says!

Facebook is like the Nazi party because they're trying (and not doing a good job) to stop the spread of misinformation by fact checking?

Did Michael want to overthrow the government? "Mass NON Compliance is the only way to end this?" No, I'd argue that vaccines and masks are the only way to end this...AND anti-vaxxers offing themselves by dying of Covid. Way to do your part, Michael!

Okay, I think we've CLEARLY established his views on masks and vaccines.

Let's keep going.

Are you surprised he likes MTG and Boebert?

He has his White Privilege card. I bet he didn't leave home without it!

He supports Kyle Rittenhouse.

This is some weird shit.

WTF is this? 600 baby and child corpses wash up in Germany? That absolutely did not happen.

I can't even begin to process this mess, even if it was big enough for me to read.

I have heard of 9/11 conspiracies but I've never heard that the planes were holograms. I saw the hologram of Tupac at Coachella in 2012, and as impressive as it was it still wasn't that lifelike, so I doubt the technology for hologram planes existed in 2001.

If you're wondering if he supports Q-Anon, here ya go...there's a lot. I wonder if he ever finished his spreadsheet?

MAJOR prayers requested as he's in the hospital with Covid, along with his son and daughter-in-law.

Three days later his wife reports that he is doing better BUT, ”Try to refrain from messaging him or sending unsolicited, unqualified medical opinions and diagnoses." You mean, don't do what my husband did for the past year?

He was still hanging in there on December 10th and wants to hug and kiss his beautiful wife.

After 27 days in the hospital, Michael finally succumbed to Covid on December 26th, 2021. His family said, "Mike expressed regret for things he had done and things he wished he had done, and he hoped that he would be able to fix those things when he got home. He was ready to give up the anger and distrust, repair relationships, and even get vaccinated. The experience of what was happening had changed his mind and viewpoint entirely."

I am glad his family says he changed his views in the end but I can't help but wonder how many people he influenced and impacted with the false information he was spreading on a nearly daily basis for years. The fact that all of these lies are still sitting there on his FB page is pretty disgusting and dangerous.

I'm glad that his family is vaccinated and advocating vaccines. At least someone learned something from Michael's death.

RIP Michael.

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Sep 13, 2022

Great to see these ignorant assholes bite the dust!!


Jack Dalton
Jack Dalton
Jul 25, 2022

I don't care that this moron changed his mind, that is a boatload of conspiratorial nonsense he posted. Fuck off sir. I SAID FUCK OFF!


Jul 22, 2022

I think it’s funny when they repent on their death bed and beg for their life. If you think that’s mean go back and look at the evil shit he put into the world till he died. Fuck this guy.


Unknown member
Jul 11, 2022


My father-in-law died of Covid in early 2020.

Then in late 2020, my dad got Covid.

I believed the Hyrdoxychlorquine BS and Ivermectin etc.

I was gearing up to run into the hospital with a N95 Mask and stay by his side. I believed they would let him die (like my F-I-L died) and cremate him to hide the evidence.

But, he came out of it and finally got off the oxygen and is back at home just coming back.

A lot of anti-vaxx BS got a LOT of people killed.... It is hard to not be glad that those people die---but, it is true that some people will do a complete 180° and see reality---sometimes.


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