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Michelle Dutra, 43, Kingman, AZ, Anti-vaxxer, 6 Months+ in Hospital Due to Covid

Let me introduce you to Michelle & David S. Dutra of Kingman, AZ. Kingman is an interesting little city on the border of Arizona & Nevada. It's been a COVID hotspot for a long time now.

Michelle was not only an anti-vaxxer but believed that everything about the pandemic was just a scare tactic. Michelle worked for Merced County and one of our HCAz spies found this video from the UZONA Chamber Of Commerce. It was featured in January 2021. It's very ironic that Michelle is sharing information on resources for those affected by COVID when she doesn't even believe COVID is real.

Read the story and then jump to comments here.

Here is just a sample of Michelle's anti-vaxx stance. This thinking led Michelle Dutra to a 6.5 month long hospital stay. Plus, her COVID story is still being written.

Here is the start of Michelle's COVID journey. Michelle started feeling sick in August and was hospitalized on August 30, 2021.

Fast forward to October. She has a collapsed lung and is on a ventilator.

Almost 50 days on a ventilator.

She may have brain damage from the lack of O2.

Fast forward to December. She is transferred out of ICU in early November and moved to Mesa, AZ. She has finally gotten out of bed and is off sedation and fentanyl. She's now in physical therapy.

In January, she is back on the fentanyl patch and is able to use her tablet. She's still on a ventilator.

This was shared on 1/23/22.

She was then transferred to physical therapy in Surprise, AZ.

In February, she was finally able to drink liquids for the first time in five months and has been off the ventilator for almost two months.

On February 22, she finally took her first steps!

She's back on a speaking valve and the good Lord spoke to her.

David went dark after HCA Reddit shared his story. This was posted on March 6, 2022. She was able to walk 70 feet. Woo hoo!

The last public update was on March 11, 2022. The feeding tube is only at night now and she's eating regular meals during the day.

Of course, GoFundMe was activated.

We'll have to wait and see what happens. This has been a long journey for Michelle. I wish her luck and hope she gets better. I also have a little hope that she'll be a huge advocate for the COVID vaccine. Time will tell. Someone on HCAz Facebook shared this side-by-side. It's quite telling of what COVID can do to a 40-year-old.

As always, get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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