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Mikel Lowe, 38, San Diego, CA Firefighter. He (and his wife) were adamant anti-vaxxers. Dead, COVID.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to a lot of stories, but I'll post this one, Mikel and his wife thought that COVID was just a "political game." Now Mikel is dead and his wife Christina has regrets and is urging everyone to get vaccinated.

Christina says, "We thought the vaccine was rushed. We thought it was more about money and power than about Americans and protecting the people."

Mikel served as a federal firefighter, working out of the Naval Air Station Base in Coronado until just a few months ago. He was born and raised in San Diego County, but his opposition to recent California politics drove the family to move out of state.

“We honestly thought that COVID was mostly political,” said Lowe said.

“Your life isn’t worth thinking this is because of the president, or this is because of the governor,” she told KNSD. “Because once you’re gone, none of that matters.”

Indeed. Wise words. NOW.

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