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Mitch Anderson II, 40, Georgetown, SC, Unvaccinated, Currently Finding Out

Let me introduce you to 40-year-old Mitch Anderson II.

Mitch is married to Amanda and they have three children. They own an online clothing store. I struggle to share this story because they were sketchy about calling it COVID. I'll let all of you chime in to determine if he deserves to stay up on SAV. We featured this story on HCAz and everyone agreed that this sounds like a case of COVID. As my son would say, it's very "sus".

Let's start off in 2020. He didn't post anything crazy but I'm perplexed about his Subway situation. Did he leave because there was plexiglass in between him and the worker?

Did anyone tell him what could happen when he contracts COVID?

Drugs are not the problem. Covid isn't the problem. The problem is that the "earth is groaning for the sons of God to awaken who they are"? I'm not sure what all of that even means. Does anyone have a translation? 🤷‍♀️

Just ignore COVID and it all magically disappears.

Uh oh. They're all sick. This "something" sucks.

He was just "sinus sick" for 30 days. No biggie.

Mitch needs prayers and was admitted to the hospital for blood clots.

As an HCAz reader noted, "224/138 - DAMN"! These numbers indicate hypertension or "hypertensive crisis" and are the most severe case of high blood pressure. Yikes!

And if you didn't notice, his heart rate is 159. I never know what these numbers mean so I had to Google this. And it's NOT good.

Remember how he was concerned about getting blood clots from the vaccine?

That doesn't sound good.

A day later, Amanda stated, "the hospital hasn't seen such an aggressive, fast-acting pneumonia like this? Has the hospital not seen a lot of COVID patients? I'm not an expert but after sharing so many anti-vaxxer stories, pneumonia can act very aggressively in COVID patients. Also, she let us know that it's NOT COVID-related. 🤔

Thankfully, Mitch was released on 4/6/22.

Mitch stated that he was sick toward the end of February so there's a very good chance that he would be negative by the time the hospital tested him.

Mitch, I hope you get better, and please GO GET VACCINATED! Don't take it from us, go speak with your doctor about any vaccination risks.

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why is his head so big? that can't be natural.


I had to scroll past Chaz Blimline to be able to deliver this. Art by Chock Full O’ Nanobots


This guy looks like something out of the Cantina Scene in Star Wars. His wife clearly has self esteem issues.


May 10, 2022


Elwyn Chow
Elwyn Chow
May 02, 2022

Some people look a lot better with a face mask on.

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