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Mohammad Shaar, Sydney, Au, Muslim Natural Healer, anti-vaxxer. UPDATE: Still fighting COVID.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this story, Mohammed Shaar, an Australian Muslim preacher and natural healer, had spent weeks preaching that vaccines were ineffective and that the pandemic was a myth. Update: Is still fighting for his life with COVID.

According to the story, Mohammad recently said in a video, "I’m worried a bit more about what’s happening in Sydney, and why is it that they are targeting these specific areas - Guilford, Yennora.” He added: “I’m against the vaccine.”

Last week he fell ill and closed his healing centre to try to recover at home, writing on Facebook: “I’m currently very sick for few days with common cold...not COVID-19.”

Five days later he was taken to hospital, where he remains. His loved ones say he’s in a bad way with the Delta strain of COVID-19 and have asked his followers to pray for him.

One follower suggested he drink hot lemon water.

Sorry, that last sentence is funny.

GET WELL, MOHAMMAD! Then tell the world to get vaccinated.

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