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Myron Heeter, 70, Middleburg, PA. Truck driver and concrete worker. Dead of Covid.

According to this obituary, Myron died at home on January 8, 2022. His cause of death wasn't mentioned in the obituary but his friend Deb said it was from Covid.

His wife, Kathleen, also died. She passed on June, 22, 2022 but I didn't find her cause of death. Her obituary said she died unexpectedly at her home. She was 68.

Was Myron an an anti-masker? You bet.

Myron said, "I do believe it's a personal choice to get the covid vaccine…but right here is why I have chosen not to."

Here are a few more Covid-related posts from Myron:

Would you be surprised to find out that he loved Trump and hates President Biden?

He wasn't a fan of Dr. Fauci.

Myron is white, proud, and boycotting Coca Cola.

I don't know what bothers me more, that he thinks a man should eat before a child or the "man of the house" thing.

Myron was a dirty mothertrucker. I've come across a LOT of things while writing for SAV but this guy posted some stuff that I found EXTRA gross.

Did he think that drugging and anal raping someone is funny? That's seriously messed up. I'm pretty good at being able to separate my emotions when I'm working on stuff for SAV but that post SERIOUSLY pissed me off. How the heck did his friend Deb think that Myron earned a spot in Heaven?

Well, Myron got ONE thing right: Corona virus IS in your lungs not your balls.

RIP Myron.

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