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Natasha Tiner, 35, Troup, TX. Registered Nurse, against vaxx and mandates. Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this obituary, Natasha died on October 12, 2021. She leaves behind her husband and 4 school aged children. She wasn't a wild poster of anti-vaxx memes and information, but as you'll see we have evidence she was against the vaccine and particularly the mandates. Her husband however, was a wild-poster of anti-vaxx memes.

She was a nurse that's for sure:

Here is an interesting conversation about vaccines and HIPAA she had on her Facebook page. In fact, it was the last post she'd make. Here she's being schooled about HIPAA:

it continues...

Here's the best part:

Well ladies, looks like Angie was right.

So where did Natasha get all that Hitler stuff? Well her husband posted this on his Facebook:

He posted this on September 11...

and this on September 12...

And this on September 16...

And this on September 22...

And many more anti-vaxx memes, but this post is about Natasha. What ever became of Natasha?

Interesting. She'd been sick for 15 days on the 28th, that means that ALL of those posts above by her husband were made WHILE she was sick with COVID.

Well she lasted another two weeks

There is a GoFundMe for Natasha...

UPDATE (minutes after the original post): Steve posted this just as I was posting this blog post, so I already have an update (10/13/21 @ 1:13 pacific time):

RIP Natasha.

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Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco
Jan 26, 2022

Prayer Warriors fail again.

Feel absolutely terrible for the children, they shouldn't have to deal with this.

The husband, on the other hand, can get fucked. I hope he's miserable.


Mr. Bog
Mr. Bog
Jan 16, 2022

Some people can admit they were wrong, some simply cannot. Maybe it's not their fault, maybe they're victims of their own genetics and upbringing?


Young, reasonably fit. Died, children now without a mother, father doesn’t seem to be swayed even by this. Bad daddy, you helped to destroy your own family. Shame on you.


Tom G
Tom G
Oct 23, 2021

None of this is about politics or religion or even health. It's about intelligence and learning about the world, discovering facts and making good life choices. Unfortunately we've discovered over the last 5 years there's a lot of dumb people in America. I fear for our democracy.


Eric Clark
Eric Clark
Oct 20, 2021

Really need to stop listing causes of death as due to Covid and start calling these deaths what they really are... Murder/Suicide.

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