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Nathaniel and Mathew Broussard, 33, 39, Larose, LA, Anti-vaxx. Died within 14 days of each other.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to this social media post, Nathaniel (below left) and Mathew (right) have both died of COVID. Both Nathaniel and his brother Mathew (next post) were anti-vaxxers and then had to battle COVID to their deaths. Prayers didn't help.

Were they Anti-vaxx. Yes, they were.

First Nathaniel's Posts:

Might as well attack two sciences in one post:

Ha ha.

Conflating COVID with Illegal Aliens....

Science of the Lambs indeed...

Now for Matthew's posts:

Yes, Matthew, attacking Dr. Fauci is an attack on Science.

Obviously doen't want help getting vaccinated:

Seems aware that there is a Delta Variant;

They seem to agree that Joe Rogan has the same credibility as Bill Gates, for some reason:

Like most of the entries on this site, their family and community prayed really hard for these two brothers. One of their genuinely sweet and deeply religious friends led a prayer online. This is heartbreaking. I wish these prayers worked for COVID, but it's vaccines we need. Please respect this woman, she genuine.

Prayers didn't work this time:

Again, God will save your soul, Science will save your life!


RIP Nathaniel and Matthew

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