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Patrick Wood, 49, Richmond, IN, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

UPDATE (11/8/21): Patrick's sister-in-law, Jennifer Nicole, who was one of the people pushing for vaccines and masks in the posts studied here, came to SAV and made a post about her brother-in-law Patrick who turns out to be mentally disabled due to his time in the military. Her post is below, as well as some follow up comments by me. See below:

Original Post (10/20/21):

According to this obituary and social media posts, Patrick died from COVID on October 16, 2021. This post will be a little different than the others. It's based on one post and the resulting public conversation between him and his family members about COVID and the vaccine. Patrick is NOT a lie spreading anti-vaxxer, but he didn't get vaccinated and they are all worse off because of it. Send this post to your vaccine hestitant family and friends, as I'm sure they are having the same conversations.

(sorry about the picture, it's the best one I could find of Patrick).

Ok, so here is a post about the vax that Patrick made on August 31, 2021. In what follows just about all of the responses are his family. Tina is his wife, Justin is his son, Cindy is a sister-in-law and Jennifer Nicole is a sister-in-law. I think Sandra is his sister. Kristie and Wendy are friends of the family. Tina, Justin, and Jennifer are pro-vax. Cindy, Patrick and Sandra, and Kristie are anti-vaxx.

Here's Patrick's post. It's a copy and paste job but still.

Here are the responses... Cindy is a conspiracy theorist, Tina is reasonable. Kristie needs a crystal ball apparently.

Jennifer explains.. but Patrick you had to get vaccinated when you joined the military...(proof mandates work, BTW):

His son Justin weighs in with some logic...

Well, this family seemed a bit torn. All familiar arguments. The one that lost is Patrick.

RIP Patrick.


UPDATE (11/8/21): Patricks sister-in-law Jennifer explains Patricks brain injury and delusions:

My first reaction overall is that it is quite telling that we can't tell the difference between someone with traumatic brain injuries and any other anti-vaxxer on this site. In fact, Patrick seems relatively sane compared to most people covered here on SAV.

Second, if you actually read all of the comments on Patricks story here on SAV most of the posts are quite sympathetic and several people noted that Patrick hinted at his brain injuries. Also, most noted that he wasn't the most "anti-vaxx" even in the discussion above, those badges go to "Cindy" and "Wendy".

To Jennifer, I'm sorry for your loss. And I'm sorry for any of the few trolls here that tend to say things with vitrol and hate. I do my best to delete their posts and block the worst offenders. Their posts seem to overshadow the mostly empathetic audience here who sense when someone is a victim vs. just an awful person like Paul Kendall or Heidi Hitt.

I didn't post Patrick to highlight Patrick per se, I post this story to highlight you and Justin's arguments and the fact that this issue is tearing families apart. Other families need to see this and point to it to their loved ones and say, "see, this is you, you should get vaccinated".


RIP Patrick.

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