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Paul Oebel, 63, Founder/CEO Faith Unveiled Network, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

UPDATE(2/8/22): Paul is dead. See below

UPDATE(12/28/21): Paul is still hanging on in the ICU. Here is the latest update.

Original Post (12/20/21):

According to social media posts (below), Paul is intubated on a ventilator and has acute respiratory syndrome, failing kidneys, liver, and lungs. Paul is the founder and CEO of the Faith Unveiled TV Network, and hosts his own show, "Truth Unveiled", where he really gets into conspiracy theories. He is an extreme anti-vaxxer and has used his network to push anti-vaxxer and anti-hospital messages repeatedly over the last year. For example, he hosted the jackass Dr. Bryan Ardis, a former chiropractor who pushes debunked anti-vaxx and anti-hospital-treatment messages, on his show. Also, despite one of his pastor friends dying of COVID, Paul continued to rail against vaccines.

Let's see how deserving this spreader of lies is.

Let's start here, where he spreads a lie, is told it's a lie, but doesn't remove or correct his lie:

Off topic, but there are things like this on his plate:

Did he fact check any of this BS?

What a message to his faithful! I think this is the worst single message I've seen from an anti-vaxxer.

Never mind, THIS is the worst... Just get COVID and's better:

He interviews fake doctor Bryan Ardis... `

His cousin Lonnie Peoples dies, but he doesn't say how:

But I found this (from 2 days earlier):

Off topic, but he interviews Mike Lindell:

WTF? He's posting things that he's not even reading, and spouting lies:

How on earth would this data be collected? I'm starting to wonder if Paul is mentally disabled.

Seems like in your case this prophecy is true:

"We welcome you with (dead) open arms"

His lie again, that more people are dying of the vaccine than the virus...

Hydrogen Water to fight COVID?

Well...he got COVID and he got it bad:

Well, Paul, get better. Change your mind. Repent!


UPDATE (12/28/21): Here is the latest update on Paul:

So far, God doesn't seem too impressed with these prayers.

UPDATE (2/8/22):

This was posted today:

RIP Paul.

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Apr 24, 2022

Have you ever seen a creepier nerd than his slimeball friend in this video? I wouldn’t leave him alone with a 10 year old boy for 5 seconds. Oh, and they haven’t updated the “Faith Unveiled”website since Paul was on the vent. They’re still praying that God will “raise Paul up” to continue his MagaPatriot2020 shit show “ministry.” 😂


Spike Protein
Spike Protein
Apr 17, 2022

Fun fact that follows on nicely from all the demons and witches nonsense the Oebel clan were obsessed with during Paul's Covid ordeal.

Gina Guy Warren, who gave the report on Paul Oebel and his "mucus plug" has been accused of "full blown witchcraft" by hate preacher Greg Locke.

From the Washington Post:

A Jan. 6 pastor divides his Tennessee community with increasingly extremist views

Locke expelled a couple from his church, accusing them of witchcraft. Gina Guy Warren and Brian Warren had been serving as his personal trainer and volunteer security detail. Gina, a speaker and author, and Brian, a mixed martial arts fighter, run a ministry they call “The Word and the Workout,” that brings “church and gym…


I had a nightmare last night where Paul Oebel & his wife were praying for me since I'm vaccinated but then I woke up.

Paul is still dead...praise Jesus.


Sativa Rose
Sativa Rose
Mar 16, 2022

3-15-22. It’s been 2 months. I’m still glad this CHARLATAN IS DEAD!!


Well it too long enough.

God answered his prayers. He will no longer needs to worry that the government will kill him. It did not; he did.

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