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Paul Vaccaro, 53, Titusville, FL, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Paul Vaccaro is an interesting character. According to our anedotal evidence, he holds the record for the most anti-vaxx posts. Let's see where this leads him.

In early 2020, Paul started living a retired life after 30 years with Publix.

Paul was very passionate about the Confederacy. I'm not a history buff but I do know that this was the side fighting to keep slavery, and also the side that LOST. Paul is so into this that he dressed up as a Confederate soldier on one of his most sacred days.

Paul's other passion was Trump. The Trump obsession seems to be another trend we find within the anti-vaxx world.

I can share hundreds of his anti-vaxx posts but I'll give you just a sample. I knew I'd find a Rittenhouse and an Angel of Death in his feed. In one of his posts, he mentioned that he'd love to shake the Washington trooper's hand. If you recall, that trooper lost his job due to the vaccine mandate...then died from Covid.

This was his last public post. Seems quite fitting.

He gets hospitalized in early February and is quickly put on a ventilator.

His friend is hopeful that he's gonna beat this.

And sadly, Paul passed away on March 2, 2022.

Don't be a Paul. Get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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