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Phil Valentine, 62, Radio Personality. Mocked Covid vaccinations. Dead.

UPDATE (5/24/22): I'm traveling for work quite a bit over the next couple of weeks, so when I‘m too busy to post new SAVers I'll dredge up some of the most significant early posts that deserve more of your attention. This is the SAVer that started it all. In fact my moniker "Vaxman" came from his vaccine mock-song called "Vaxman" to the tune of the Beatles’ "Taxman". As of today, this blog post has only reveived 19 comments.

Original Post:

Phil Valentine was against getting himself vaccinated and said "the vaccine isn’t for everyone.” He added: “If I decide not to get vaccinated I’m not putting anyone else’s life in danger except perhaps people who have made the same decision. With this thing being 95% effective there’s really no way I’m going to infect someone who’s had the shot. That’s if I even get the virus.” Now he is dead from COVID after a long hard fight in the ICU.

Phil also published a song called, "Vaxman" to the tune of Taxman by the Beatles, which mocked people who pushed for vaccinations

We hope Phil recovers and spreads the word on the dangers of avoiding COVID-19 vaccinations. According to his brother, Phil recanted his previous position while in the hospital. The brother said: "he regrets not being more vehemently ‘pro-vaccine’ and looks forward to being able to more vigorously advocate that position as soon as he is back on the air, which we all hope will be soon.”

UPDATE August 21, 2021: Phil lost his battle against COVID and has passed away.

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