René Chavez, 42, Bunker Hill, WV, anti-vaxxer, brother died one month before he did. Dead from COVID

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

According to this gofundme René died on August 21, 2021 (clearing up some backlog). The odd thing about René is that his brother fought a COVID infection through late June and most of July and died in Florida on July 23, 2021. You'd think René would've gotten himself and his family vaccinated because of it, but it didn't happen. He and his entire family got covid and he ended up dying just like his brother. I'm not sure how someone becomes so indoctrinated as to risk his family's well being like that. That's René on the left and his brother Daniel on the right:

René was really angry at Dr. Fauci...:

In the mean time his brother Daniel got COVID...

Apparently, according to that gofundme, Daniel was on a trip to Colombia and got sick in mid-June. They flew him back to Florida and he was placed on an ECMO on July 9. He died on July 23 at. age 40:

But René stayed a vigilant anti-vaxxer despite his brother's demise:

By now, Rene has COVID, because he was taken off the CPAP on August 12...

But it all went terribly wrong as you can tell from the gofundme...

I'll never understand this one.

RIP Rene.

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