Renee Johnson, 33, Paintsville, KY, clerk at Cash Express, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

According to this obituary Renee died on September 8, 2021. She leaves behind a husband and two children (son and daughter). What's so aggravating about Renee is not that she was posting a lot of anti-vaxx stuff (relatively few), but that her friend was hospitalized a month before she was with Covid, and she still didn't get vaccinated.

Her first post on the matter sort of tells us that she wasn't going to get vaccinated.

On July 29 she posts about her friend having COVID (he actually ends up dying the day after Renee, but so far she doesn't have it):

^^^ Renee, this was a clue to go get vaccinated!

On Aug 6 she posts:

On August

Then she posts...

and then... (JFC, did you know a vaccine helps boost your immune system better than multivitamins?)

And then it happens:

One week later on Sept 8, she's dead.

Oh, and her friend Matt Fannin, he died on Sept 9 one day after she did:


RIP Renee and her friend Matt.

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