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Rob Skiba, 52, Dallas, TX, Author, Evangelical Flat-earther, Anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

UPDATE (10/14/21): Rob Skiba has passed away from COVID. More below.

Original Post (9/27/21):

According to social media posts, Rob has COVID and is in the ICU on a ventilator. Rob is an author and is seen as a leader in the evangelical Flat-Earth Society. So, OF COURSE he's an anti-vaxxer. Most conspiracy theorists' theories don't come back to haunt them, which is the nice thing about being a conspiracy theorist - "no harm, no foul", right? This time there was harm, and thus a foul.

This is Rob Skiba. You can Google him to find all kinds of quotes on various weird subjects. I had to google "Nephilim", in which he is a self proclaimed expert. To get a sense of this guy's thought process, you should check out this short video on his flat earth model:

So Rob's understanding of physics and astronomy is a bit sketchy.

Ok so what about his views on COVID, masks, and vaccines?

There's that depopulation again:

Rob calling people insane...that's rich.

Loki variants?

Rob's understanding of the science behind these vaccines is a little sketchy:

This genius logic again...

Similar logic at play...

At some point can we hold Candace liable for all of these dead and dying COVID patients?

Candace is a dangerous person:

Rob's understanding of epidemics is a bit sketchy

".one of us will probably be dead". Perhaps Rob's greatest prophecy?

And what about taking VACCINES to save lives Rob?

Ok, this makes no sense....

Anyway, whatever became of Rob?

Oh. Rob got COVID, but his diciples decided it's the doctors' protocols that are killing people, not COVID...

But someone on Rob's side gives an update and tells everyone to STFU about their "treatments":

Get better Rob!! Come back and tell the world you were wrong about COVID and we'll let you keep your flat earth. Deal?


Update 1 (10/3/21) on Rob Skiba: Seems to have stabilized, but he has a long way to go.

Update 2 (10/9/21): Rob's community address sorryantivaxxer:

To Melissa and the rest of Rob's flock: I am not concerned with Rob's biblical stand. I am concerned with Rob's MEDICAL stand. Above are all his posts sowing doubt in medical solutions, chosen by the top doctors and scientists in the world. And these don't include all of his livestreams in which he has been mischaracterizing vaccines. Most of all we are worried about all of you!! YOU SHOULD GET VACCINATED SO THAT YOU DON'T END UP LIKE ROB!

end update.

UPDATE 3 (10/12/21); Rob's Flat Earther fans have an update on Rob Skiba:

end update.

LAST UPDATE (10/14/21): Rob Skiba has died of complications from COVID. He was an extreme anti-vaxxer, and you'd think his community would get a wake up call and change their position on vaccines. However being christian flat-earthers I guess evidence and facts are beyond their grasp.

"I absolutely HATE hospitals and their 'protocols'":

Here is a link to a video of some of more his hardcore compatriots, discussing his death and their take on hospitals:

These people are insane.

RIP Rob.

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MemeRon Mocker
MemeRon Mocker
Mar 08, 2022

Rob Skiba arrives in Hell only to be thrown out of Hell for arguing with the Devil that Hell is flat.


Feb 16, 2022

These flat earth earthers. I don’t understand. Have they never flown in an airplane?


Dave Arthur
Dave Arthur
Jan 21, 2022

".one of us will probably be dead". 'Perhaps Rob's greatest prophecy?' - is hilarious. This post of the late Rob's indicates he was a passive-aggressive, self centered, delusional sadist.


Why do conspiracy theorists refuse to believe science? You'd think so much death would scare the stupid right out of 'em.


Just get vaxxed
Just get vaxxed
Nov 21, 2021

I haven’t been on SAV long and just read about Rob , and the flat earth thing. What a special character.

I accept now that there’s no point to this site except for the humour of it. (We hope that some may change their mind). Because there is ZERO hope for these people.

They will not change their minds even when faced with overwhelming evidence (for example: becoming very sick and then….. dead)

They should just decline a vaccine, shut their fucking mouths and cross their fingers. At least I could respect that.

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