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Robert Chromy, 56, Skydiving instructor, anti-vaxxer. Died of COVID. He didn't wear a (vax) chute.

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this social group focused on Robert's health condition, he died on Sept 2, 2021. He lived in Deland, Florida. To mark what a tragedy this is, and show what he meant to them, his colleagues made a tribute page. However, Robert posted more anti-vaxx, COVID conspiracy, and Fauci conspiracy memes than any of our previous entries on Apparently, he didn't believe a wearing the vaccine parachute when it comes to COVID.

Get ready to scroll. I'm going to post all of them for posterity. He may have posted every meme we've seen on this site, AND a bunch more we haven't seen, as well as Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens videos (How many lives have they cost with their bullshit?):

As you can see, Robert had been free falling to his death since April, accelerating his posts as he went. His last COVID propaganda post was on July 29. By Aug 5, he was in the ICU. By Sept 2, he was dead.

RIP Robert.

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