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Robert Lamay, 50, Naches, WA, Ex-State Trooper, Anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID

UPDATE(1/28/22): Robert who quit his job rather than get vaccinated is dead from COVID. see below

Orginal Post (1/23/2022):

According to an insider tip to SAV, Robert is in the hospital on a CPAP with COVID. Robert gained national attention when, after he was fired as a Washington State Trooper in October for not following the state administration's vaccine mandate, he recorded and distributed an over-dramatic video of himself signing out and telling Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee to "kiss my ass". Of course, conservative media ate that up, and so he's done a lot of interviews about it. He's seen as some kind of anti-mandate hero in the conservative media bubble. Well, guess what? I've gotten some information from someone who has a connection to Robert who says he's been hospitalized with COVID and is in serious condition. This person expressly said they must remain anonymous. Obviously, most of Robert's circle wants to keep this out of the media. Edit: Robert's facebook page has been deleted, which is another clue that this is true. Edit2: We just got more corroborating evidence that he is indeed in the Hospital with COVID.

Here is the first post about his situation in August:

Then he gets fired and, as he leaves, he records his final sign-off:

And of course Fox News gets involved:

It's scary how many people support this guy. The video has 64,000 likes, and the comments are all like this:

Of course he loves the attention:

Cool, they put the hats of all the troopers in Washington who wouldn't get vaxxed on the State Capital steps. There are about 60 hats there (FYI, there are 1,100 state troopers in Washington):

Of course he needs to be funded because he doesn't have a job and doesn't get unemployment (and I wonder about health insurance?)

He did this radio interview. It's long, but if you really want to get angry listen to all of it. I'll give another special recognition badge out for those who can listen to all of it. (FYI, I skipped around. I just couldn't listen to it all.)

And now we get some information that Robert has COVID and is in the hospital. That checks out with his posting habits, as he's posted rather regularly since being fired and he hasn't posted on his facebook since January 9, 2022.

Get better Robert. Repent and get your job back. You're going to need it to pay your bills.


UPDATE (1/28/22): It's official. Robert is dead from COVID:

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Plumbing Joe
Plumbing Joe
Apr 28, 2022

Trooper LeMay,

Listen you dumb motherfucker. I hope your freedom box is treating you well. I hope you stand as role model to all dumb asshats around the country that dying for freedom is perfectly OK.

Why did you let COVID kill you (it is painful and expensive)? A bullet is like $0.35 and is much quicker. You could have shot yourself in the head, and saved your family the grief.

Congratulations on "OWNING THE LIBS." I want you to know, as I took a crap on your grave, I felt really owned.


Apr 20, 2022

Herman Cain was trending on Twitter just now and the first tweet I saw was about Robert earning his award for some reason. I was like "wait, I thought he passed already". Just had to come and make sure.


Ronald J. Frump
Ronald J. Frump
Apr 10, 2022

This fuckstain's GoFundMe is at 61K. Who says Covid doesn't pay?

Replying to

And his comments are almost at 6600. He's getting into Doug Kuzma territory; will he end up passing the Frogman?


So glad this racist asshole died. Gotta love that Karma!!!!


Plumbing Joe
Plumbing Joe
Mar 31, 2022

Robert? Robert? Robert?

Hello? Hello? Hellooooo?

Can you hear me? Can you see me?

Oh, wait you are still dead.

Was it worth it--dying to "own the libs"?

Was it worth it, knowing that so many of us are dancing on your grave?

Was it worth it, knowing that you may have owned the libs, but COVID owns you?

Serious, was it worth it know that you may have told Governor Inslee off in the national media, but all you will be remembered for is being stupid enough not to vaccinate?

I will wait for an answer.

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