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Rocco Galati, 63, Toronto, ON, Lawyer, anti-vaxxer, in the ICU and intubated because of something.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to social media posts (below) Rocco is in the ICU in a coma and intubated because of something. Speculation, of course, is that it's because of COVID, but there is no official word, and all of his minions are being careful not to say the word "COVID". It's no wonder, since Rocco is a very loud and obnoxious voice against vaccines and vaccine mandates. Among his followers and fans, Rocco is considered to be the top constitutional lawyer in Canada. However, my investigation of him shows that he has lost nearly all of his high profiles cases going back twenty years. Recently he's gained noteriety because he's been bringing anti-vaxx and anti-mandate cases to the Supreme Court in Canada. He is the founder of the Constitutional Rights Center, Inc. and has been taking all sorts of legal action representing plaintiffs (for example, Action4Canada, a grassroots Freedumb organization) against the government, and he was supposed to be helping defend some anti-vaxx doctors who have been handing out vaccine exceptions like candy. Anyway, it's pretty clear that he's got pneumonia; why else would you be intubated? It's highly likely that's due to COVID. Duh. We'll keep an eye on this.

"So Vaxman, you say Rocco here is an anti-vaxxer?"

This is the tweet he has pinned on his Twitter account (which has 60,000 followers):

The rest of this post will be fairly easy for me, as once again I'll just post some of his videos and you can hear him eat crow yourself:

Note: Videos have been edited down to make them digestible. Otherwise they just drone on.

This video has it all. Besides all of the falsehoods he spouts, he mentions Luc Montagnier who won the Nobel Prize for discovering HIV. Well, during this pandemic Montagnier's reputation has hit the skids. From Wikipedia: Montagnier was criticized for using his Nobel prize status to "spread dangerous health messages outside his field of knowledge." Later in the course of this discussion he brings up that asshole Peter McCullough.

In this video he goes even more off the edge and claims that the Canadian government's goal is to get rid of all teachers and replace them with robots, which is somehow supposed to solve "diversity issues":

In this video, Rocco claims that there have been more deaths from Vaccines than from COVID:

In this video he is clearly trying to grift some cash for his legal challenges:

Not everyone is happy with Rocco, though:

^^^ Of course that could be because he got COVID before he had a chance to file it. We'll see.

January 3rd, he was supposed to be a part of this panel which includes Judy Mikovitz (covered by SAV), and other famous anti-vaxxers, like RFK, Jr:

And the reports that he's in the ICU sick from something have been coming in fast:

This guy seems to know the truth:

This is Catbird Angel, who has to be under some kind of sedation, but is still very sad that Rocco is ill (EDIT: I decided to put the full video of Catbird Angel up, because ...why not? You can click around):

We'll be keeping an eye on this and will update SAV whenever we get some word, one way or the other. In the meantime there is a lot of material on Rocco out there for you to discover.

Get better, Rocco, if you really are sick.

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Deader than a doornail.


I wonder if Rocco’s lungs and heart will be in any shape to chase ambulances or convoys anymore? Things are really quiet.


Update on this Toronto lawyer,??


Rocco made it through COVID but as you can see from attached article he is still a loser in court.


No updates??

24 Şub 2022
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

If "Catbird Angel" is to be believed, he was in a coma for 10 days but is still alive. However, the video is already two weeks old.

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