Rocky Gaitan, 45, San Antonio, TX, Anti-vaxxer, almost 4 Months Hospitalized due to Covid

Updated: Mar 13

We featured Rocky on HCAss back in early January. We took a peek to see how he's doing now and it looks like he's had a really "rocky" journey.

Let me introduce you to Rocky Gaitan, who just turned 45 years old. Rocky is a former Marine and is head custodian at a high school in San Antonio, TX. Rocky and his wife Dalila Holguin-Gaitan have been married for 21 years and have two sons.

Rocky and Dalila check so many anti-vaxxer boxes. Super political, hundreds of anti-vaxx posts and extremely religious. A goatee seems to be a major player in the anti-vaxx world, and not only does Rocky have one, but he also posted this goatee selfie (we didn't crop it 😂). Do you think they've learned their lesson? So many of them never do.

Here are just some of the hundreds of anti-vaxx posts that Rocky and Dalila shared last year. You can pick any day on Dalila's timeline and you'll most likely find an anti-vaxx post.

Rocky contracts Covid and is hospitalized on 11/19/21.

Dalila posted a lot of prayers and religious messaging. GoFundMe is activated.

After almost 2 months, he finally opens his eyes on 1/19/22.

1/26/22, they're hoping for rehabilitation soon.

4 days later Dalila posted this. WTF?

On 2/2/22, he finally gets to rehabilitation.

Just 12 days later, he's back in the hospital.

3/1/22 - Rehab didn't go well and he ended up with another infection and some other issues. He's currently still hospitalized.

Dalila still proudly uses this as her FB profile photo.

They're running a Rocky's BBQ Plate Fundraiser in a few weeks.

Get better Rocky! We're hoping you make a full recovery and change your stance on vaccines.

If this doesn't scare you to get vaccinated, nothing will. A vaccine is so much easier, not only than all of the pain and suffering Rocky is going through but that his entire family is enduring. Get vaccinated. Get your booster.

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