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Rod and Vira Brooks, Milwaukee, WI. Anti-vaxxers. Rod recovering from Covid and "attempted murder."

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

July 26, 2022: Click here for update

According to their first shared Facebook page, their second FB Page, a story on Protocol Kills, and a campaign on GiveSendGo, Rod contracted Covid and is trying to recover after nearly dying. However, they're telling everyone who will listen (and those who are trying to ignore them) that the hospital tried to murder him.

I'll be honest, I can't quite figure out the timeline of events between the different sources. It seems like Rod was in and out of the hospital. The updates that are posted on their GiveSendGo are kind of confusing and honestly, there's so much to take in here that I wasn't going to try and decipher it all. The main takeaways are all below.

If you've already looked through everything or can't stomach it, click to jump to the comments.

On Sept 24, 2021 Rod tests positive for Covid "again". They say they had their first bout of Covid in 2019, lost their jobs, and got evicted. The first documented case of Covid in the USA wasn't until January 20, 2020. They probably had the flu. There's a shot for that, too!!

BTW, "medical expert," it's HIPAA, not HIPPA.

On October 1st Rod was admitted to St. Luke's Hospital. They say Rod was "tricked" into ICU and "held hostage for attempted murder" because his organs were worth 65 million dollars. "You can fact check that!"

They say he was "illegally-detained."

If he had the symptoms like in the graphic pictures below, I'd argue that the hospital had an obligation to keep him for treatment. I wouldn't say that treating him is "without -cause." (Notice the weird dash, keep an eye out for creative punctuation.)

Sorry, these photos are graphic:

They post "Death Protocols for a Paycheck" and say "Take down the Royal family for crimes against humanity." I'm unsure how the Royal family factors in here. Oh, and "Trudeo," too (I think they mean Trudeau. Their punctuation and spelling are exactly what you'd expect).

Here they complain, very publicly, about his best friend not babysitting Rod in the hospital. Maybe some people don't want to go into a hospital and risk getting Covid. Maybe people have lives, obligations, and their own tribulations to handle. It seems like Rod's best friend and Vicky have enough on their plate besides "babysitting" Rod in the hospital.

Speaking of tribulations, check this one out!! The AUDACITY!!!! They can't pay their rent and want a donation from their landlord BUT....his landlord already can't pay their mortgage because they aren't getting any rental income. PLUS the landlord has a newborn son in NICU. Of course, it's all about them because why should they care about stiffing the landlord while their son is in NICU!? It's as if they're saying, "SOMEONE ELSE PAY for us because we made poor life decisions!!"

BTW, remember this landlord's response, how cordial it is, AND how it's written in will make sense later, further down the post.

They can't pay their rent? What did they do with the $11,000 they've received so far from their campaign? Only $64,988,574 to go until they reach their goal!

They seem to think they have a story that everyone needs to hear about and for some reason think that it's Fox6 News Milwaukee's responsibility to get the word out. Fox6 News isn't giving them the coverage they believe they deserve and that makes them REALLY upset.

First they were ignored by Fox6 News. Now they're BLOCKED by Catholic Charities. They don't give them money so she says the priest likes to molest young boys. I'm glad they blocked them, too!!

Apparently, their FB posts kept getting flagged for "false information" and they think it's a violation of their Constitutional rights. Why don't people understand that the First Amendment's free speech guarantee only protects us against the government? Facebook is not the government and does not have to allow you to spread lies and misinformation.

And OMG, they tagged Fox6 News Milwaukee again!! Obsessed much?

Vira thinks that Covid tests are "poison" and says she was ostracized for not complying.

Just in case it wasn't clear, Vira is very much against vaccines and masks. Funny that the two things that could have saved her husband from months of agony and anguish are the two things she's REALLY against. But it's the HOSPITAL that's trying to kill him....RIIIIIIIIIGHT.

Okay, now that we've gotten the gist of his health and their public outcry, let's see what else they have to say:

Of COURSE there's some Q posts!

The cartel is threatening you, eh? Interesting that you can still see the cursor and nobody hit send. This is OBVIOUSLY so fake. Seriously, this is so dumb and I can't believe anyone takes them seriously. This is just laughable and why I can't trust a word they say.

So, which is worse to Rod and Vira: drug cartels or the government?

They declare Monkey Pox is shingles.

This video was pieced together and taken totally out of context. This has been debunked.

Again, she tries to tag Fox6 News Milwaukee because Disney=Demons.

What a Nazi, right? For trying to prevent future pandemics and unnecessary deaths?

Fauci is selling vaccines? Nope....debunked.

She REALLY doesn't like their landlord and they "don't speech English." Look who's talking, Rod and Vira! They say refugees are taking over their block and their country.

Seriously? The FBI committed mass murder of school children? And WHY ISN'T FOX 6 NEWS Milwaukee telling everyone?!? Is there any other news channel in Milwaukee? What is their obsession with Fox 6 News?

Let's throw in some conspiracy theories for fun:

Fluoride and chemtrails, mind control with cell towers & hypnosis, worldwide enslavement, and a plot to kill 50% of the population by 2023!

Uh oh! Looks like they are upset about the Pride flag flying at the Wisconsin Capitol. Yes, the Wisconsin government IS "FUCKEN SERIOUS!!"

In case anyone forgot, they want to remind everyone that Rod's organs are not yours to harvest and add that Covid is nothing more than "murder for money."

I really appreciate the spelling and punctuation. They really love to throw in random dashes. Did anyone else notice that?

Jean-Baptiste Charcot must have been an early part of the Covid conspiracy when, in 1908, he named the island for Rothschild Frères, the head of the Rothschild banking family. But to Ron and Vira, it's a Crime Against Humanity! WAIT! They forgot to tag Fox 6 News Milwaukee!

According to the latest update, Rod doesn't need a liver transplant. In order to save Rod's liver they need to fly to California to detox since it's not available in Wisconsin. I hope they weren't planning on going to Alameda County because they brought back the mask mandate!

It also seems that he was released from the hospital on Saturday, June 4th.

Rod has a long road to recovery ahead. And to think...the loss of his health, the loss of his digits, the financial ruin, could have all been prevented with a simple vaccine. Ron and Vira, please get vaccinated and get well soon!

One last thing, I DID find something that the three of us can agree on! Thanks for that bit of wisdom Rod and Vira!

Update 6/9/22: It appears that they didn't make it to California as planned. Now they are in Dallas, Texas. Rod is back in ICU. See update below. He's got a long road ahead.

Since I posted the story they've received an additional $1,285. That brings them closer to their goal. Only $64,987,289 to go!


June 18th, 2022 update: No word on Rod's health but they raised another $635 for a total of $13,346. Only $64,986,654 to go!


June 22nd, 2022 update: There was an update two days ago. Rod is still alive! However, he has to have his toes amputated soon. There is good news though. They grifted another $130! Their new total is $13,476! Only $64,986,524 to go!


June 25th, 2022 Updates: Folks, it's not looking good:

Rod is back in the ER but don't forget the grift! (Click below for link)

Second update says that he may not make it. The picture doesn't look promising. Warning, it's graphic.


June 29, 2022 Update:

Rod is still here. Vira updated his stats and goals:

*OG =tube success,

*Nutrition =will be given at a slow rate , to see how his liver and kidney tolerates it

*Low doses of diuretics will be given today

*urine output last 24 hours=2 liters



*Hemoglobin=9, no blood transfusion given in 3-days

*some bleeding from erosion, stent migrated so they re-adjusted

*MAP=65, low doses of Levo for blood pressure

*WBC=20, yesterday =18 ,6/28/22

*Bilirubin=22, yesterday = 25 , 6/28/22

*Electrolytes and Sodium =GOOD

*He will remain intubated due to his bleeding from erosion, they don’t want to remove it prematurely and then have to do it again shall he bleed

*No BM since 6/25

*Necrotic fingers and toes , no infection, has pulse , high risk for anesthesia, amputation low priority

*low doses of antibiotics, to prevent infection from erosion stent bleeding



July 25, 2022:

I was finally able to track down some updates on Rod.

The last update from Vira was on July 16th. There are several other video updates and a few pictures. Also, a nurse knocked off Rod's toe. As of the last video update, Rod IS still alive. You'll have to follow the link to see the updates:


July 26, 2022:

On their fundraising page, Rod's wife Vira shared that Rod "was successfully murdered" and passed away July 20th at 5:33am.

I can tell you that it brings me no joy to announce this update. Vaxman and I do not celebrate the deaths of anyone on this site. How you feel is up to you. Rod's health battle lasted 10 agonizing months. Vira did a good job of documenting the horrific things that happened to his body after he had a severe Covid infection. His body turned yellow, organs were failing, toes rotted off, as his body slowly shut down. It was a horrible thing to see. There are still so many people that think that Covid is just a cold, flu, or that it's a hoax. I can only hope that someone will see Rod's story and make the decision to get vaccinated and not suffer a similar fate.

RIP Rod.

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Gail Maulhern
Gail Maulhern
19 oct 2023

I know there is no amount of money that can replace a loved ones life. But I’ve been following this story and Vira has changed her goal to NOT $65 million, but $65 BILLION!

Me gusta

Mr. Phil
Mr. Phil
30 sept 2022

From the "GFM":

"after just getting married on August 15, 2020 at the Sturgis Bike Rally. "

Gee, I wonder if that's where he caught it. Dumbasses.

Me gusta

John Newman
John Newman
15 sept 2022

Yuck. Morons Deluxe. I try to have some sympathy for these dolts, so gullible and witless. What is truly risible is their air of superiority: they know more than the experts and will be exalted in the future for their incredible insight and wisdom gleaned from YouTube University. Sorry AVs, you will be remembered only as a curious footnote in some graduate student's thesis on the Great COVID Pandemic of the early 21st century. And perhaps further proof of natural selection.

Me gusta

I had to check back, yuck he went out really bad. All that macho badassery leads to what Rod? nothing but a yellow gooey smelly mess.

Me gusta

"Vira's Story" is now MIA from the Protocol Kills website. Wonder what happened.

Me gusta
John Newman
John Newman
15 sept 2022
Contestando a

A couple of injections of Clonazepam, weekly.

Me gusta
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