Roger "Danger" Gundersen, 48, Vancouver, WA, anti-vaxxer, Ivermectin worshiper, Dead, COVID.

Updated: 2 days ago

According to social media posts (below), Roger died from COVID, but not before his wife Melissa made a huge stink. She tried to force Hospitals to give her husband Ivermectin with every means possible including going on Infowars to make her case.

Roger and Melissa's social media is fairly clean, they've got the standard "I don't care if your vaccinated" frames:

"Danger" doesn't care...

And Melissa believes in freedumb....

First, check out their gofundme... wait... they chose to use the Christian (right-wing) version of gofundme...

But most of this story is in video...

Let's start with Melissa's appearance on Infowars with Alex Jones:

And then there was a follow up... (Only half of this one has Melissa, start at 23:00):

And then there is the announcement of his death (a must watch in my opinion):

Honestly, I have nothing to add. These people are crazy, and dangerous. They must be stopped.

RIP Danger.

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