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Ron Munoz, 51, Jasper, AL, GM@EBC Steel, Anti-vaxx, died of COVID, leaves wife and 6 children.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Ron died of COVID on September 10, 2021. Ron was suspicious of the government and vaccines. He leaves behind his lovely wife, four daughters, and two sons. I tend to feel the most for these Alabama people who seem like really good people who are surrounded in an echo chamber of falsehoods and rhetoric. Ok, I'm going to say it: WAKE UP, ALABAMA!

What did Ron share on his Facebook? Let's see if he was really against taking the vaccine:

Well, maybe he meant that they should pay more attention to both issues?

No. He seems against it. You needed one to keep from dying, Ron.

Oh, this whole pandemic is a sinister plot for control.

Both he and his wife get COVID:

His wife at least seems to have a change of heart:

12 days later he's still in the hospital:

A lot of people get angry at the hospitals:

Ron died the next day.

Seems like a good time for the song "Lifeboy" by Phish:

But God never listens to what I say

God never listens to what I say

So very, so very hard

And you don't get a refund

If you over pray

RIP Ron.


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