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Ron Wood (62)+ Bethany Kemble Wood (63), South Bend, IN, Anti-Vaxxers

Meet Ron + Bethany Wood. They're a match made in heaven. What makes this one interesting is not the typical anti-vax memes but the Facebook commentary.

This is a long one so you can jump to comments here.

Let's start here. He's a wannabe astronaut.

Ron wants FreeDumb. Considering he was a wannabe astronaut, I wasn’t surprised that he had friends who were a lot brighter. Ok, maybe I was a little surprised.

He doesn't want to listen to the WHO.

He thinks it’s a conspiracy. Don't they all?

Jonathan goes on the offensive again.

But it started under Trump. He's another major Trump Humper, by the way.

Poor Ron. He's feeling repressed.

Luckily, NASA requires vaccinations.

Masks must really bother him.

He does abide by this meme. Lots of opposing comments on his page.

Oooh! Hang on! Is Ron feeling sick? Overindulged on Xmas day, Ron?

Let’s visit his wife, Bethany.

If you thought Ron was bad, wait till you get a load of Bethany.

I would also like to introduce you to Coryn. You'll be seeing a lot of him. He is AWESOME.

Bethany is a full on anti-vaxxer.

She tries to be religious.

Immune system makes an appearance, and so does Ron.

She is also a Trump Humper. Her friend Coryn, not so much.

This overused boring copy pasta.

The comments to this are quite something. Very revealing about Ron’s family. Personally, I think Ron was adopted. 😉

Coryn pounces again. Sonja is a relative.

Cailin is another relative. Hmmm, I should have looked into Ron’s family tree.

Sonja is on 🔥

Coryn backs Sonja up. Up yours, Bethany and Ron.

Apparently, Bethany’s post was a joke. She is one funny lady. 🙄

I just can't imagine ever feeling this way about people who just want a better life. Another interesting exchange.

I have to admit that she does let the conversation flow.

Guess who pounced on this?

Yep. It’s Coryn, the bullshit detector.

Bethany got seduced by the DARKER side.

Coryn for the win again.

Mark of the beast. ✅

😳 Huh?


Now the consequences begin.

God had other plans, and Ron earned his HCA.

I stayed with Bethany for a while.

It’s an echo chamber now.

She didn't share much after this post.

It looks like even her granddaughter is not a fan.

The End.

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Jun 07, 2023

I really *am* the worst because I kept hoping for the FB post that this bitch died. Oh well.


Chris Merlin
Chris Merlin
May 31, 2023

She misses THAT guy? No one will miss her.


Very satisfactory reading here. It was great up until the end and saw Bethany still hadn't joined Ron. Other than that, excellent post.


May 17, 2023

Have to say it was a joy and a relief to see that Mr. Wood is no longer voting Republican. 😁


May 15, 2023

This woman is vile, ill-informed and vulgar, is pretty much every other person I encounter in Indiana. Don't move here. Yes it's cheap, but you get what you pay for.

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