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Russ Novoltny, 55, Fort Meyers, FL, PCT at Fawcett Memorial Hospital, anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this obituary, Russ died on September 8. We know he died from COVID (see below). Russ was a Personal Care Technician at Fawcett Memorial Hospital, in particular he worked in the cardiac ICU department. He was anti-vaxx.

So, why wasn't someone who worked in the ICU in a hospital vaccinated? Let's find out...

I've grown to despise Candace Owens. How many people are dead because of her?

JFC. Makes NO sense.

Russ, hello? You work in the medical industry.

So which part of that percentage are you? Look in the mirror.


Uh huh? How may died?

Should've mandated you!

We've seen this before...

Perhaps THE most common meme among anti-vaxxers:

Second most common meme among anti-vaxxers. Getting vaccinated is just like getting gas chambered. Give me break.

Again...YOU shouldn't have been hired.

Willie Nelson hates you..

Clearly, Fawcett Memorial should've done better due diligence before hiring you.

Again this is the MOST racist meme.

Shouldn't have hired you in the first place...

Got COVID...

Not going well...

Getting worse...

Annnnnd dead.

RIP Russ.

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