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Russell Dickert, 66, Browns Mills, NJ. Loves to fish, ex-anti-vaxxer, rehabing from COVID

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

I figure it's about time we post one with a positive result. (Some people in the comment section seem to be getting depressed.) Russell Dickert here was a self-admitted anti-vaxxer wh, after almost dying, has done a 180 on vaccines. He shares a message that anyone anti-vaxx or hesitant to get vaccinated should heed.

Join me in thanking Russell for his message.

First, Russel did share a post back in August that was certainly anti-mandate, which is a sure-fire indication of his being anti-vaxx:

Check out the comments and the particular attention to the last one from Russell:

Now let's see Russell's mea culpa:

Yay Russell! Thanks for sharing that! And your boys got vaxxed too.

Get better Russell!

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