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Ryan Carter, 28, Dayton, OH. Anti-vaxxer. Leaves behind S.O. w/baby. Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to social media posts (one posted below), Ryan Carter has died of Covid on Sept 15. He leaves behind his partner and a baby. He was an avid anti-vaxxer despite the fact that his partner was a nurse. I'll just post his anti-vaxx posts from August 5 until his final post.

Ryan didn't want to get vaccinated and he wanted everyone to know it!

This is a video warning about some preservative in the test kit...

This is some lame video of some chick pretending to have Bell's Palsy from the vaccination.

Another anti-vaxx video:

Conservatives love to conflate different topics they want to own the libs on...

It's experimental...

Video about freedom and vaccines...

Oops, he FAAFO


RIP Ryan.

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