Ryan Vaughn, 24, Florence, MS, anti-vaxxer, Died of COVID.

UPDATE (11/5/21): COVID sucks.This sucks. According to this obituary, Ryan Vaughn died on November 4, 2021. Much too young at 24. I'll admit that Ryan wasn't as egregious of an anti-vaxxer as most entries on this site, but he was anti-vaxx. He's on here as a cautionary tale to those who think they are too young or too healthy to worry about COVID. Why take the risk? Get vaccinated.

Original Post (10/1/21):

According to social media posts, Ryan is in the ICU on a ventilator. Ryan is still an anti-vaxxer, it seems. He's been in the hospital since August 23, 2021.

Was/is Ryan an anti-vaxxer? Yes, and stubborn.

Well, he loves Texas's no masks rule...

Ok, he's definitely an anti-vaxxer;

He's sick on August 19 and thinks it's COVID:

He's headed to the hospital on August 21::

Never been sick like this before...

That's it from Ryan. Let's move over to his child's mother:

Two weeks later, still fighting...

Karlie, also has the nerve to post a anti-vaxx story:

Next day she had to say goodbye to Ryan on September 28:

Young and tough, he's still fighting on the 29th...

We're still waiting on an update, but it doesn't look good. C'mon Ryan pull through, and become a pro-vaxx warrior for us.

Get well, Ryan! You're too young for this.


UPDATE (11/5/21): Ryan Vaughn has died at the much too young age of 24. Everyone, even the young need to get vaccinated. This virus isn't discriminating. Why take a chance?

RIP Ryan.

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