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Sabrina Pattarello, 45, Treviso, IT, Teacher, Anti-vaxx "Maestra No Vax". In ICU battling COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Update (10/7/21): Here is a good ending!! Sabrina is recovering at home and she's had a change of heart. She will get vaccinated as soon as she's able. Click here to jump to the posts below from the Google translated article.

Original Post (9/21/21):

According to this article (in Italian) Sabrina is on a ventilator in the ICU with COVID. Sabrina is infamous in Italy for getting fired from her teaching job for spreading COVID conspiracy theories to her students and making them take off their masks.

Here is some more information (Google translated from Italian):

And well, she might as well live in Florida:

Her father Luigino has this to say about his daughter:

We shall hope that the Maestra No Vax survives and becomes Maestra Pro Vax!

Get well, Sabrina.


Update 10/7/21:

Yay Sabrina! We're so glad you're alive!

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