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Samantha Ritchie, Tacoma, WA, 66, Retired, Anti-vaxxer

Before I start, I am the other half of HCAman. I don't post much on here, but I will be changing that.

I don't like antivaxxers. But I like making fun of them. Enjoy.

This is Samantha Ritchie. I know what you might be thinking, and you are correct.

Samantha's recreational activities baffle me.

She hears voices in her head.

Samantha is a very confident lady.

She has no trust for her government or the media.

She has a problem spelling "Secession".

She wants a divorce.

Debbie is the comment section winner.

Yeah. A change for the better. Her politics also baffles me, considering she is...

Santa fell and bumped his head on the car, in case you were wondering.

There is a strong whiff of irony here. Have a smell.

She went there.

I get a strong whiff of "Q" on this post.

She did reply, by the way.

Good luck with that.

My main picture meme is relevant.

Her GIF game is strong.

I don't really know what to say to this.

Or this.

Magic juice? That's a new one.

She is a rebel.

Some more firm antivax confirmation.

She is a true "Patriot".

I agree. The Republican system is a river with raging rapids...

As Samantha soon found out.

The virus strikes again.

The End.


We are an inclusive lot in here (I hope), so no nasty comments. Unless they are about her politics, her recreational activities and antivax posts. Those, I can get behind.

Until next time, bye for now.

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06 jul. 2023

It's difficult to believe and understand that people like her exist. And this platform showcases a small example of how prevalent ignoramuses are walking amongst us. It's scary and sad how delusional and self-destructive they become. In her case, you can't dismiss the possibility that she had mental issues or just a shit-for-brains turd.....or both.

Frank Buxton
Frank Buxton
19 jul. 2023
Reageren op

Maybe we're just doing it wrong. I mean, she saw bigfoot and the inside of a spaceship. Me, I'm vaccinated and still alive, but I don't see little people in trees.


Pity we didn't get the 'gee I feel so sick had to see the doc' or 'heading to hospital' or anything by her acknowledging her contempt for reality.


22 mei 2023

She must've been through about a million memes

She ran away from actual facts

She didn't care about the vaxx, no sir

Rationality she gave it the axe

But now she fooled around and fell down dead

She fooled around and fell down dead

(Tried to warn ya, baby)

She fooled around and fell down dead

She fooled around and fell down dead...

(Apologies to Elvin Bishop...)

30 mei 2023
Reageren op

👏👏 bravo my friend 👏👏


”Do your own research“

Translation - everything I see on tv triggers me, hurts my feelings and questions my narrative, so I’m gonna make something up completely out of the blue and hope that people believe me


My response to the “Rock a bye Biden“ post! Well, he’s still alive and in office! Guess that didn’t age well

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