Scooter Ward, 50, Vicksburg, MS, HVAC Repair, Anti-vaxxer extraordinaire, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22

According to social media posts (below), George "Scooter" Ward died of COVID on September 25, 2021. Scooter was well liked, but known as a political extremist by people who knew him. He posted a LOT of anti-vaxx rhetoric, far too much to post here, but we'll get an understanding of his mindset.

Just starting in August we can tell it's going to be tough to get Scooter on board with vaccines.

Oh man, he went straight to the "Mark of the Beast":

Anti-vaxxers can't fathom that someone cares about them too...

Some math...

Government shouldn't save lives?


Don't get vaccinated and don't eat bull crap. I'll agree with one of those two, for sure.

Really, you're comparing vaccines to chemottherapy? That makes sense?

Segregated stores?

Seems like you enjoyed about 14 more days, untill...

And there it is. The announcement.

And it's over.

RIP Scooter.

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