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Scott Grow, 61, Jackson, MI, Qanon guy with Kidney transpant, and anti-vaxxer dead from COVID

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Yes, people are still dying of COVID, amazingly enough. This story was lifted from SAV contributor HCAMAN's Facebook page and here is Scott's very own Facebook page so you can see for yourself. (People on Twitter accuse me of making these things up!)

I'm only going to post Scott's anti-vaxx comments but he's got a lot of crazy right wing posts to laugh at if you want to visit those sites above. Scott died on June 3, 2023.

Whenever someone uses the words "lamestream media" we basically know everything we need to know about that person:

He had a appointment to see about blood clots he was having and left because he wouldn't get the vax.

More lunatic ranting:

COVID loves this guy: blood clots, kidney transplant, overweight, and over 60...

By the way, he's also a constitutional scholar:

And...he's dead:

RIP Scott.

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Apr 16

I’m glad this unvaccinated moron and many thousands of his ilk are too dead to vote for Mango Mussolini in 2024.


Haven’t been here in a while, but Im glad this site still exists. The pandemic era is not totally gone. I can’t believe people are still dying of Covid. I feel really sorry for those people who are still anti-vaxx


With the goatee of death he was sporting, that fucker didn’t stand a chance..


I’m guessing he had the transplant pre-Covid because he never would‘ve gotten a kidney without it. I’m sure he took all the other necessary vaccines before his transplant. Being that he was on drugs that suppressed his immune system left him vulnerable for Covid. Sad waste of a kidney.

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