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Scott Hilliard, 42, Ft Collins, CO, Biz owner, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to social media posts, Scott died 11/15/21 from COVID. It seems Scott had just moved back to his hometown in Colorado for a "fresh start." He'd recently started a website called It's difficult to tell what that's all about even after reading the blog posts. I did see that he is a follower of Tom Horn, who almost got featured here when he claimed that he had contracted COVID, but it seemed like a fake claim as he was pushing a new book. If you aren't familiar with him, Tom Horn is a kookbabbler like Russ Didzar and Steve Quayle who were featured on SAV. It seems that maybe Scott wanted to start his own kookbabbling site. I'm not sure. Anyway, Scott was definitely an anti-vaxxer and had decided way back in August 2020 that he wasn't going to get vaccinated. Also, strangely, it appears that getting COVID was the final straw in his relationship with his girlfriend. He claims she left him because "he didn't sound right," and "she could see he didn't want to be with her" when actually he was sick with COVID. Poor guy.

It's a copy-pasta but still it's a pretty looney thing to be posting:

No way he's getting the jab...

Calls people idiots, then one of his friends, Brooke, calls him out and even makes fun of his grammar. Then he steps it up with an outrageous claim that 60,000,000 died during the Obama administration with H1N1.

Dr. Hodkinson is a quack...

Did Zuck say this?

Not sure what he's referring to:

I don't have any clue what's in a Cheeto, let alone a vaccine, but I'm still alive.

The words people end up eating...

We're feeling pretty damn smart at the moment...

So you're refusing to get vaccinated then?

Uh begins...

Apparently enjoying life means risking it...

That's what COVID does...

So, it's not clear here... but it seems like his girlfriend has COVID too... and he can't think about himself.

but he does anyway...

He's going to the ER, but we find out that his girlfriend left him because...(Something about how he looks and sounds...)

It's official. You left Scott because he has COVID...

He decided DNR pretty quick. I think his girlfriend leaving him was the last straw....

So he left the hospital and now he's back again?

So they released him from the hospital again?

So he's at home now?

I guess people are texting him.

Maybe he got some spam calls?

Whew, he's going back to the hospital...

He has some serious issues...

Wait! What? They sent him home again?

And now he goes BACK to the ER? What the hell is going on?

Prayer time.

Two days later he's dead.

Get vaccinated...

RIP Scott.

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Mar 01, 2022

I googled this dude and found his Legacy page:

Scott was an avid outdoorsman that loved hunting, fishing, camping, grilling and biking with his friends. He also loved spending time watching football, especially his favorite team, the Denver Broncos. There is nothing he loved more than watching the games with a crowd and yelling at the TV which he did often.”

If I die unexpectedly, I really hope my loved ones have something more important to share about me than that I yelled at my TV. Sheesh.


I see stupid people
I see stupid people
Jan 21, 2022

As a rule I find it hard to have sympathy for the AV type. This one was easy not to like. Some of these folks you could imagine knowing, maybe even liking. Not this guy. From the picture that reminded me of a douchebag neighbor I had to the whiny drivel when he got sick. Lots of regret, but no thoughts of saving others from his fate. He failed the only rule I have. Don't be a dick.


Kota P810
Kota P810
Jan 20, 2022

Idc if this doxxes me.

I was Scott’s employee and from what I’m told his “best friend” when he passed away.

he left the hospital many times due to being kicked out Because he was foul mouthed and angry.

the Months previous to him dying he had a heart attack and a stroke, and I told him that he needed to get the vaccine, but he was ready to die. His exact words to me were “I don’t care about dying, I just wish it wasn’t this painful”

dude had some backwards ass thoughts, and I often laughed at him myself when he’d talk about “owning libs”

he was a half decent person to me At least. H…

Replying to

Kota- Glad you checked in.


Jan 07, 2022

This one's passing probably satisfied me the most on the entire site. Yelling in the Black guy's face at the failed Tulsa rally, obvious violent tendencies, acted like a complete narcissistic asshole from what I could see just from his FB posts alone. Hated Democrats and yet we were the ones trying to keep his dumb ass safe during a pandemic. He was deep down the MAGAt rabbit hole and his trajectory was headed straight toward violence and other anti-social actions. I especially enjoyed the fear and weakness in his eyes as he encountered someone he couldn't push around like he probably did all the women in his life. I'd have loved to have seen them go full one on…


Unknown member
Jan 05, 2022

From arrogance to a whining, snivelling little gerbil. Its a great read to be sure.

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