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Shamgar Connors, 42, Stafford, VA, wife is a nurse, anti-vaxx, refusing vaccination, denied Kidney.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Continuing with our theme of SAVANT Day! (Sorry-Anti-Vaxxer-And-No-Transplant)

UPDATE (1/26/22): Turns out the cognitive discord with this one is worst that we suspected. One of our members found a video of him from 2 years ago describing his trip to Costa Rica for Stem Cell treatment - because it is experimental and not FDA approved. See below

Original Post(1/26/22):

Our next SAVANT is Shamgar Connors of Stafford, Virginia. He has a wife and two children. His wife is a nurse. He has stage 5 kidney disease and has been on a waiting list for three years. Now, because he won't get vaccinated as required by the Virginia hospital, he is being taken off the list. He is feeling a bit like a star because the conservative media freaks love this stuff, and he's making the rounds on Fox News, Newmax, and that kookbabbler Stew Peters' show.

Something to keep in mind: Shamgar has had 3 different accounts banned by Facebook. The following is all from his 4th account. Let's check out Shamgar's brain. You can almost hear the synapses snapping.

Let's go ahead and start with the thing that made him a hero to conservative media. This is a recording of the conversation about him either getting the vaccine or getting taken off the waiting list for a Kidney. Shamgar is so clueless that he thinks he's the protagonist in this conversation:

He then lets us know that the doctor would like to send him to a shrink to see what the fuck is wrong with his brain:

A couple of memes:

Shouldn't he reject the science of organ transplants anyway?

Yay! Here is Shamgar on Newsmax.

^^^ One thing he states over and over again in these interviews is: "Nobody can tell me with 100% certainty that I will have no adverse reaction." Even though we can tell him with 100% certainty he will die soon without getting a vaccine because he won't get a new kidney. This lack of logical risk analysis gives me an immediate headache.

Here is his interview on the Stew Peters Show:

Here is another Badge Challenge. This time you have to watch ALL THREE videos posted on this story to earn a SAVANT badge. You know you want it! I think it will be a rare badge that you can be proud of.

I don't have much else to say about this guy, except that I feel the need to drink a few shots of Tequilla in order to wipe this out of my brain. I think this guy hurts my brain more than any of the other entries on this site. He is a true COVIDIOT SAVANT.


UPDATE (1/26/22): Here is a video of Shamgar taken in Costa Rica describing his stem cell treatment. The problem with this is that he is now against an experimental vaccine (it's not) that doctors can't tell him there is 100% no side effects. (Informational only. Video is not part of the badge challenge :).

Have a nice life, Shamgar (whatever remains of it).

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